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Ensuring fast software delivery for a leading insurance provider

Progressive Insurance case study

At a glance

Progressive Insurance needed help managing 1,700 software titles and speeding delivery of applications to its employees. The insurance provider turned to Flexera for agile application readiness solutions. With Flexera’s help, Progressive experienced a 30% drop in the time needed to package an application. Flexera’s solutions also allowed Progressive to lower deployment costs. As a result, the company could respond more quickly to changing business priorities and dramatically improved its quality of service.

The challenge

Give employees a swift and simple approach for accessing apps

Progressive has a passion for giving customers a fair, fast and better way to buy auto insurance. That passion, combined with an innovative use of technology, has helped make Progressive one of the top auto insurers in the country.

The insurance company turned to Flexera when it needed to improve its management of more than 1,700 software titles, support both homegrown and commercial applications, and give employees fast, easy access to the apps they needed.


The solution

Create a nimble packaging process with application readiness solutions

AND 2,800

Progressive’s end-user team found success by using a lean, highly repeatable packaging process built by Flexera’s application readiness solutions, according to Steve Costell, system engineering lead for end-user computing at Progressive. Costell and his team used application readiness solutions from Flexera that included AdminStudio to speed app deployment to more than 25,000 physical desktops, 2,800 virtual desktops and many Mac computers.

Progressive’s application packagers now use AdminStudio to capture package installs, create transforms, edit MSIs and remediate compatibility issues.

“It’s much more than just a packaging tool,” Costell explained. “It’s a complete solution capable of handling all the challenges of managing our 1,700 packaged software titles.” For example, the team used AdminStudio virtualization readiness tests to boost productivity by automatically identifying the best candidates for application virtualization.

The team also used the application readiness solutions to track and report on application packaging, testing and deployment. Workflow Manager is a key component of the packaging process, because it gives managers information about the throughput of their resources and the time it takes to complete work.

[AdminStudio] is much more than just a packaging tool.

Steve Costell System engineering lead Progressive Insurance

The results

Deployment costs dropped; packaged application delivery time shortened

With Flexera’s solutions, Progressive obtained a single system of record for documenting application packaging, from request to deployment. AdminStudio improved operational efficiency, reducing the time required to package an application by 30%. As a result, employees were able to respond to changing business priorities faster, deployment costs dropped and the quality of service improved dramatically. The end-user computing team was able to deliver packaged applications to the business 40% faster.

“Flexera has consistently stayed in step with technologies facing application readiness,” said Costell. “From the introduction of virtualization to mobile devices, Flexera has a solution for most enterprise needs.”


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