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Reduce spend and compliance risk with license optimization

Manage and rightsize your assets with our industry-leading management solutions. With IT asset management scaled for enterprises, we’ll enable better license management to save time and money through software license optimization. By more efficiently managing vendor relationships and contracts with Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and many more, you can achieve remarkably better results. And your organization will gain a path for growth.


With four powerful solutions spanning clients, data centers, SAP and engineering apps, our IT asset management solutions will change the way you manage your software.

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Maximize your savings with better software license management

  • Automate effective license positions using Flexera’s extensive entitlement library with more than 450,000 applications providing product use rights, metrics and license types
  • Manage a variety of different licensing models based on an array of requirements and the ability to use these across most vendors
  • Strategically manage vendor relationships and contracts to improve business outcomes
  • Maximize the value of your software portfolio so you can redirect savings towards strategic initiatives
  • Reveal the nexus of your contractual, organizational, usage and inventory data to understand software usage and its associated business value
  • Share transformational technology insights by integrating with procurement, ITSM, ITFM and other business systems in your ecosystem

Success Story

Brewing better IT visibility for a global beer giant

Carlsberg’s ITAM team faced several obstacles from a lack of visibility into its global IT assets, including challenges with planning, financial transparency and baseline, risk in legal compliance and incomplete entitlement data.

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Within the first year,
Carlsberg saved over $400,000
in maintenance, running costs, support fees and license costs

Success Story

Optimizing SAP license and contract management

Zollner was at risk for license audits and unplanned costs. With Flexera, they were able to save resources and manage true-up costs.


85% reduction

in annual unbudgeted true-up expenses

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Provide insights into current license positions

Our ITAM solution will help optimize your license position based on what you have and what you need. With forensic level insights, you’ll be able to dive deep into understanding the number of licenses or packages to purchase for your engineering applications.


From engineering to SAP, usage is the core

Flexera’s IT asset management software goes beyond usage reduction. By identifying how your employees utilize their licenses, understand the key functionalities the software is providing and identify optimization opportunities.


Utilizing across hundreds of vendors

Flexera helps manage a variety of different licensing models across an array of vendors, including IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and hundreds of others. Gain visibility into your estate, from license utilization to importing imagery data from third-party systems. We merge the data into a single source of truth.


Transparency that lets you track usage and optimize

Understand and view your license usage to best optimize your estate. Our IT asset management solutions help you understand your license utilization, whether based on the number of users or usage.


Reporting and analytics guide better-informed decisions

Seeing license consumption over time gives your organization the data it needs to act on cost-saving measures and optimization opportunities. With a variety of different reports, your company can reduce its compliance footprint by identifying red flags and key trends for cost and software utilization, ensuring appropriate action is taken.

FlexNet Manager Suite

Optimize licenses, reduce compliance risks with FlexNet Manager Suite

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