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Improve visibility and efficiency of cloud spend at scale

Flexera One offers a full approach to your organization’s FinOps journey that enables cloud governance and FinOps teams to work collaboratively with business units and cloud resource owners to gain visibility and identify areas of savings opportunities (Inform), take action on these identified areas (Optimize), FinOps Certified and implement processes to automate and govern these optimizations (Operate).


With Flexera One, you get a comprehensive set of cloud cost optimization capabilities designed to implement FinOps processes across your entire cloud environment. Flexera's Cloud Cost Optimization works with all cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and less common/region specific providers.


Improve visibility and allocation of cloud spend

Now you can monitor cloud usage allocation, costs and discounting structures for all public and private cloud accounts and all associated costs—allowing you to identify cloud cost optimization and savings opportunities and receive smart recommendations for cost optimization actions.

See how to optimize costs

Flexera’s cloud cost optimization dashboard, pictured below, gives users a complete view into their cloud infrastructure, including all provider and related costs with real-time cost metrics.

Cloud Spend Optimization Opportunities

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were used to evaluate CCMO providers

We view Flexera as the Holy Grail for cloud spend. So, if you want to know what we're billing you, take a look at our Flexera One Cloud Cost Optimization dashboard.

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Success story

How a management software provider optimized their cloud resources

Flexera helped a workplace management software provider gain visibility into 85 separate cloud accounts’ costs, saving $200,000 a year through cloud cost optimization services.

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saved annually
across three cloud providers

Service zur Cloudkostenkontrolle


Improve efficiency of cloud spend

Actionable cloud spend recommendations help your organization identify and take action on non-optimized resources on an ongoing basis.

Identify cloud cost optimization opportunities


Operate cloud at scale

Spend anomalies reporting paired with budget controls and cost policies help your organization avoid surprises and eliminate waste. Powerful functionality enables cloud governance teams to work collaboratively with business units and cloud resource owners to report, manage and optimize cloud spend.

See how to keep costs down

Cloud cost savings report

Cloud cost optimization capabilities

Optimize public and private cloud spend

Volle Kontrolle über Ihre Cloudkosten

Gain full control over multi-cloud costs

Simplify cloud cost management across multiple platforms and work collaboratively with cloud resource owners to report, manage and optimize cloud spend.

Maximize the value of your hybrid cloud strategy

Leverage automated policies to control cloud estate

Enable your cloud governance teams to manage and control hybrid cloud use to automate governance of costs, operations, security and compliance.

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Cloud Cost Optimization

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