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Instructor-led and online training for Flexera solutions

You can take a variety of training courses—both instructor-led and online—to help you understand how to quickly get the most out of our market-leading solutions.

The goal of our training courses is to ensure you get the most from your investment with us. You can begin your learning journey with our free self-guided learning paths available from the Flexera Community; just look for the link to the Learning Center. Or you can participate in our structured classroom training delivered as public classes in a regional classroom or at your site for your team only. You’ll find a complete list of both online content and public instructor-led training via the Learning Center link available when you log in. Our classes are led by experienced, world-class instructors and include theory and hands-on labs to provide real-world experience. Flexera offers flexible course content and schedules to meet your needs.

Flexera Learning Center

The Learning Center hosts a comprehensive set of classes, events, workshops and guides to help you realize the possibilities of your Flexera solution quickly.



Flexera Community

We enhance your Flexera experience with the help of a community of customers, experts and thought leaders, allowing you to quickly find answers and conquer your challenges.


Valuable resources

We’re excited to announce our refreshed Community, Learning Center and Product Documentation websites. These new updates are another way we help you get the most ROI of your technology investments every day.

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