Flexera monthly SAM best practices

December 8

Once a month, Nicolas Rousseau, Flexera Senior Product Manager, will drive the sessions and share his years of experience in SAM and as a licensing architect with Flexera Services. Guests will also present specific topics.


How to Stay a Step Ahead in an Evolving Hybrid IT Environment

Stay a step ahead in an evolving hybrid IT environment   The Named User License Consumption and Optimization report has just been released in the Flexera State of ITAM Report. This report brings a unique optimization capability in the hybrid IT world of subscribed applications that can be used online or on-premises (e.g., Adobe, Microsoft).   How it works   Flexera One SaaS Manager collects the active subscriptions and online usage directly from SaaS applications in your hybrid IT world.


The Importance of IT Asset Management: Flexera State of ITAM Report

Digital transformation continues to expand unabated across organizations of all sizes and industries of all categories. With this transformation comes the need for rapid adoption of new technologies and new ways of acquiring and provisioning the resources that implement workloads in order to take advantage of these technologies. Over the previous few years, we’ve seen a shift in the role and purview of IT asset management practitioners, as they’ve had to adjust to this new world, much of it in the dynamic and agile expanse of the public cloud.

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Flexera State of ITAM Report

As digital transformation pressures increase, high-functioning enterprises are leaning more and more on ITAM.


Flexera One is a Digital Platform Conductor—but what’s that?

Regardless of the size of the organization, IT estates continue to evolve and expand beyond the four walls of the legacy data center. This means the utilized IT resources are expanding beyond those borders as well, and what we’ve traditionally used to manage them fall short in this new environment. Therefore, the role of Digital Platform Conductor (DPC) tools gains prominence in the IT orchestration, management and automation needs of enterprises utilizing the growing landscape of IT options and services.

Case Studies

Food and beverage giant enjoys a refreshing cloud optimization solution

A global food and beverage company sought Flexera’s help to find a more tractable way to implement their cloud cost tracking and optimization controls. As with many organizations, their cloud usage and cloud spend were growing rapidly. They wanted to be proactive in gaining visibility into this spend and to find existing, as well as future, optimization opportunities before the spend grew unwieldy.


Prioritize vulnerability assessment more easily with these simple steps— and intelligence—from Secunia Research

The cost of an exploited vulnerability due to a cyber–attack can be devastating to your business. Your confidential information, intellectual property, and employees are the valuable data points that make up your brand and must be protected.   According to Forbes, cybercrimes are at an all-time high with external hackers being linked to 93 percent of reported cases. Simply focusing on patching the most common vulnerabilities is not enough and can leave you exposed to potential attacks. While running a successful business, it can feel overwhelming and impossible to know everything.

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Infographic: Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study of Flexera One

Infographic highlights the key findings from the study and offers insights into Flexera’s ability to deliver total visibility in complex hybrid ecosystems and more.


Flexera cited as a leader by independent research firm for cloud cost management and optimization

We’re proud to announce that Flexera has been positioned as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Cost Management and Optimization, Q3 2022 report. In this wave report, Flexera’s cloud optimization solutions including Cloud Cost Optimization and Cloud Migration and Modernization were evaluated. Cloud cost management has greatly increased in popularity over the past two years, due to the drastically accelerated public cloud adoption driven by the pandemic, as well as current economic conditions driving cloud budget consciousness.

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Rightsize your 2023 IT budget for an uncertain economy

Budget planning can seem nearly impossible with so much disruption in the economy and the world. But Flexera has put together a useful budget guide that can help you successfully build a solid plan.

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Flexera a leader in cloud cost management and optimization

What are the top cloud cost management and optimization providers? Download the Forrester Wave™: Cloud Cost Management and Optimization, Q3 2022. You’ll find that Flexera has come out a leader. 

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The total economic impact of Flexera One

To prove the impact of Flexera One on IT organizations, Flexera recently commissioned a Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study of the Flexera One solution.