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Cloud Migration and Modernization Demo

With Flexera’s Cloud Migration and Modernization solution, you can optimize your cloud modernization and migration journey and reduce cloud costs. Request a demo today.

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Cloud Cost Optimization Demo

With Cloud Cost Optimization, you can get the full value out of your cloud spend and easily reduce costs across your entire cloud environment. Request a demo today.


Your business decisions are only as strong as your data

Technology professionals need clear visibility into their IT estate to rightsize resources, mitigate risks and power business strategy.

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Flexera One Demo

Growing complexity in hybrid IT environments creates greater challenges for leaders like you. Flexera One helps you visualize your entire estate from on-premises to SaaS to cloud. And it delivers the power to mitigate risk, reduce costs and maximize every technology investment—so you can invest in innovation.

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IT Asset Management Demo

Instead of continually spending on underutilized software, SaaS, and hardware, you can shift toward your modernization initiatives. With a robust and resilient ITAM program, you can evolve your ITAM team into a strategic function that enables faster adoption of new technologies that drive business growth.


Broadcom is acquiring VMware: Here’s what you need to do

It’s confirmed. Broadcom is acquiring VMware. This is just the latest of many attempts at diversification by Broadcom by moving into the enterprise software space. VMware is one of the most widely adopted technologies used by organizations around the world. But what does the acquisition mean for VMware customers? And more importantly, what actions should you take to prepare in the coming months?  In plain terms, VMware customers should prepare for considerable change to their current vendor relationship.

Case Studies

Government contractor moves Flexera solutions to the cloud

This U.S. government contractor (alias: GovCon) develops solutions for defense, civil government, intelligence and cybersecurity customers. The company had a cloud-first initiative to migrate their Flexera on-premises solutions. By working closely with Flexera, GovCon was able to successfully migrate their Flexera on-premises instances to a private cloud.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Flexera 2022 Tech Spend Pulse

With all that’s happening in technology and the world, how are budgets and digital transformation initiatives affected? Get an up-to-date view with the Flexera 2022 Tech Spend Pulse.


Documentation Du “Package Feed Module” D’AdminStudio 2021

Production de “packages” logiciels en un temps record


Take the guesswork out of your cloud migration

June 28, 2022

It’s no secret that momentum for cloud adoption is constantly increasing, and a well thought out migration plan is critical to realize long-term success. Cloud migration isn’t a simple task, and there are a few inherent challenges that need to be addressed.


Flexera partners with ITAM Review’s LISA

July 20, 2022

Discover how Flexera is partnering with ITAM Review’s LISA, the leader in licensing and IT asset management training, to offer on-demand and live training courses to help bolster your IT knowledge and achieve certifications. 


Flexera an IBM-certified alternative for ILMT

Let’s face it, no matter the vendors involved, IT asset management (ITAM) is complex, expensive and time-intensive for enterprises.