Industry-leading Flexera One ITAM delivers actionable data

All that data you have about your organization’s IT—is it the kind you can use to manage, govern and optimize your hybrid estate? Flexera One ITAM delivers the quality of information you need to optimize your IT.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Overcoming a recession

Many believe a global recession is coming in 2023, but few know how long it will last or how severe it may be. The threat, however, is impacting how professionals prioritize IT initiatives. A recent 2022 Flexera Insider Report uncovered current trends and what may change moving forward.


Manage, govern and optimize your IT assets with Flexera One IT Visibility

Getting the most business value from the many assets of your complex hybrid IT assets calls for an extensive, trusted view of your estate. And that’s what Flexera One IT Visibility delivers.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Predictions 2023: Cloud Computing

It’s no secret the cloud market is constantly evolving, and new developments are the new normal. Discover what Forrester experts say the future holds and why Flexera will be an essential player for FinOps practitioners in 2023.


Findings from the 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Software Asset Management

The world of SAM is changing Despite the onset of worrisome macroeconomic events, we saw the continued adoption of software from organizations at a steep rate in 2022. As enterprises continue to consume software and SaaS, software asset management (SAM) tools are needed to provide visibility into complex IT environments, automate processes, mitigate risk and optimize costs.


The hierarchy of software asset management needs

In a hybrid IT world, you need SAM best practices to achieve valuable insights and accurate license positions. However, there’s a hierarchy of needs that must be fulfilled before you can provide high-end value that goes beyond compliance. Discover how to achieve a fully mature SAM program and elevate the ROI of your IT investments in this enlightening datasheet.

White Papers & Industry Reports

Flexera Cloud Cost Optimization honored by Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan have recognized Flexera’s Cloud Cost Optimization solution with the 2022 Best Practices Product Leadership Award in the Global Cloud Economics Industry.


Why staying up to date on software can prevent future cyberattacks

Even well-run organizations like yours can fall into the habit of using outdated versions of applications. This happens for several reasons: the scale of change is daunting, updating is a hassle and what’s the real need if what you’re currently using does the job?


Flexera monthly SAM best practices

February 2

Once a month, Nicolas Rousseau, Flexera Senior Product Manager, will drive the sessions and share his years of experience in SAM and as a licensing architect with Flexera Services. Guests will also present specific topics.


Get ahead of sprawling hybrid IT with the right plan

February 21

With nearly a third of IT budgets being thrown out the window with wasted spend, how can you get ahead? Join us to learn how to plan your IT estate effectively, from on-premises to SaaS and cloud in this insightful webinar.


Application Packaging experts roundtable webinar series

March 14

Our TechOps team answers your most pressing questions for all things Application Packaging. This series of virtual roundtables will feature various packaging experts ready to help you conquer your toughest application challenges.


How to Stay a Step Ahead in an Evolving Hybrid IT Environment

Stay a step ahead in an evolving hybrid IT environment   The Named User License Consumption and Optimization report has just been released in the Flexera State of ITAM Report. This report brings a unique optimization capability in the hybrid IT world of subscribed applications that can be used online or on-premises (e.g., Adobe, Microsoft).   How it works   Flexera One SaaS Manager collects the active subscriptions and online usage directly from SaaS applications in your hybrid IT world.