Detailed info on 3.9+ million standardized hardware and software models

  • Clean data with full transparency on data journey, from source to result
  • Complete visibility into your assets allowing actionable analysis to support IT asset management initiatives
  • Simplified vendor audit process and reduced cost of true-ups
  • Reduced IT costs, increased service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Tight control on software and hardware currency to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Detailed info on 3.9+ million standardized hardware and software models
  • Comprehensive source of technology catalog, enabling enterprise architecture initiatives to build a perfect asset portfolio
  • Content packs extend catalog with up-to-date market data, and daily updates ensure data fidelity
  • Awareness of software security landscape with advisories from Secunia Research

Featured Details

Make your data do more

Normalize for a common language and enrich for intelligent action.


Reliably manage asset lifecycles

With actionable end-of-life and end-of-support market data, you can proactively identify assets that need updating, replacement or removal. Reduce security and compliance risks, decrease support costs and reduce obsolescence.


Stay ahead of vulnerabilities to your environment

Resolve reliability issues and tackle risks to your organization with risk intelligence from the renowned Secunia Research team. Quickly understand which products carry the highest risks and leverage threat intelligence to plan mitigation efforts.


Power your CMDB with Technopedia software and hardware models

Feed your CMDB solutions with normalized software and hardware models powered by Technopedia for efficient configuration item creation and maintenance.


Enable proactive infrastructure planning and maintenance

Whether for enterprise architecture, vendor management initiatives or general maintenance of your IT, with hardware specifications from Technopedia, you can take well-informed action.


Identify open source software components and their license attributes

It’s easier and safer to inject open source software components into your technology portfolio. With Technopedia keeping track of all license implications that you want to observe, you can protect yourself from unintended open source consequences.

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2021 State of IT Asset Management report

Is your IT asset management at risk?


feel they have complete visibility into IT assets


cite vulnerabilities as their greatest concern


operating systems are vulnerable by EOL/EOS


*Figures have been rounded to the nearest integer.

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