Manage IT strategically with enriched market reference data

Control your entire IT asset landscape by using Technopedia, the most trusted and comprehensive source of hardware, software, SaaS and cloud product information in the world. Technopedia gives you the most complete IT asset intelligence available, with the ability to identify more than 5+ million hardware and software products.


Get standardized naming, clean results and market acumen only with normalized, enriched data

  • Build a common language and taxonomy of IT and eliminate manual cross-referencing to speed decision making with market leading coverage from Technopedia.
  • Leverage the world’s most complete universal catalog of reference data for IT products to deliver market insights about lifecycle, categorization, security vulnerabilities, power consumption, open-source components and more.
  • Get lifecycle data that ensures your technology portfolio is current. Technopedia provides end-of-life and end-of-support (EOL/EOS) data about the technology running in your business so you can plan for upgrades, modernization and extended support costs.
  • Find rationalization opportunities. Technopedia categorizes technology to reveal where you can simplify the environment by rationalizing duplicative software and hardware.
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Go beyond raw IT inventory data

Enterprise IT environments consist of millions of distinct configuration items related in billions of distinct relationships. Technopedia can help you see the risks, costs or strategic direction of your environment.


IT currency with EOL/EOS support

Flexera’s EOL/EOS data enables you to make critical decisions about your environment based on what is no longer being patched or supported. Technopedia’s lifecycle data empowers you to forecast risk in your critical business services based on upcoming EOL dates. For the resources that can’t be upgraded, you can anticipate the impact of increased costs for extended support.


Normalize and categorize IT data

Technopedia enables your IT to speak a common language through normalization, giving you definitive names, models, versions and editions of your hardware, software and SaaS. Technopedia’s IT taxonomy is carefully curated and aggregated so you can have a consistent nomenclature of technology in your business systems. With over 4,500 unique updates made daily, each definition is categorized so you can easily find IT assets based on an authoritative classification.


Access software vulnerabilities

Technopedia’s IT taxonomy includes software vulnerability content from Secunia Research, which provides you with a security management view of your environment. See the risk in deployed software and patch versions so you can prioritize your security response. Now your IT team can manage proactively based on vulnerability intelligence.


Estimate environmental impacts of hardware

Technopedia helps organizations drive to greener, more environmentally friendly consumption of IT resources. Technopedia enriches hardware inventory with make/model and enriches the data with hardware specifications. And with Technopedia’s power consumption data, you can estimate your carbon footprint, plan for power consumption needs and understand the environmental impact of your IT.

2021 State of IT Asset Management report

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feel they have complete visibility into IT assets


cite vulnerabilities as their greatest concern


operating systems are vulnerable by EOL/EOS


*Figures have been rounded to the nearest integer.

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