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Managing your hybrid IT is a daunting challenge—but it doesn’t have to be

You can’t effectively manage what you can’t see. Without proper insight into your hybrid IT estate, you won’t be able to optimize spend, reduce risk and make data-driven decisions that drive the business outcomes you want.

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My tech spend isn’t optimized


My tech spend isn’t optimized

Managing your sprawling hybrid IT portfolio creates a unique challenge of managing the associated spend. With Flexera, you can improve your ROI by maximizing usage of existing resources across your cloud, SaaS, containers, desktop and data center.

Flexera One helps you align spend allocation with the real-world revenue-generating initiatives. Now you can reduce costs, avoid audit and compliance risk, and improve margins and unit economics from a proper investment mix. Furthermore, Flexera One gives you full visibility across your entire hybrid IT estate, so you have a better vantage point during vendor negotiations and can save even more.

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Northern Trust case study

I can’t identify unknown, vulnerable or obsolete assets in my estate


I can’t identify unknown, vulnerable or obsolete assets in my estate

You incur tech debt when you’re unable to identify unknown, vulnerable, unused or obsolete software and hardware—and that can cause major issues for your organization. You could experience brand damage due to security breaches and outages, and you run the risk of security and compliance issues and incur unnecessary support costs.

With Flexera’s IT Visibility, you can proactively manage software vulnerability and obsolescence risk in your IT estate, prioritize remediation of end-of-life and vulnerable technology, and enable business transformation and modernization.

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U.S. Department of energy case study

I have pervasive shadow IT utilization


I have pervasive shadow IT utilization

You can’t manage what you can’t see—and shadow IT causes wasted time, inconsistent business approaches, wasted investments, inefficiencies, and a higher incidence of compliance and security risk. This dysfunction acts as a barrier to advancing your enterprise’s strategic initiatives.

With Flexera’s IT Asset Management, you can reduce the operational expense of your hybrid IT estate, select and fund revenue-increasing initiatives and increase the success rate of initiatives like cloud migration, data center consolidation and IT transformation.

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Carlsberg case study

I have risky exposure to unbudgeted spending


I have risky exposure to unbudgeted spending

If you’re not proactively calculating your actual license positions and IT spend, your organization is at risk for unbudgeted true-up expenses and audits. Plus, with the explosion of cloud, you may struggle with runaway costs and out-of-balance spending in your hybrid IT portfolio.

Flexera One offers a full approach to your organization’s FinOps journey that enables cloud governance and FinOps teams to work collaboratively with business units and resource owners to gain visibility and identify areas of savings opportunities. And with Flexera One, you can improve your ROI by reducing the operational expense of your hybrid IT estate and prioritizing the remediation of risk across end-of-life, obsolete and vulnerable technology.

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Accruent case study

Politie case study


I can’t identify or remediate IT waste


I can’t identify or remediate IT waste

Flexera’s 2023 State of ITAM Report reaffirmed that wasted spend across desktop, data center, SaaS and IaaS/PaaS remains high among enterprises. Flexera One’s IT Asset Management helps you see the technology you’re using so you can eliminate unused subscriptions and rationalize applications and vendors based on trusted and actionable data to save you even more.

With Flexera, you get the IT insights you need to purchase only what’s necessary. You’ll have increased confidence to negotiate licenses from a position of knowledge compared to one of guessing.

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I have unreliable CMDB data


I have unreliable CMDB data

You need the ability to make better decisions with cleaner data. But getting accurate information on your IT environment has proven to be difficult. With Flexera’s IT Visibility, you can discover more about your technology from multiple sources and gain valuable and reliable insights to inform your workflow process.

IT Visibility relies on curated content from Technopedia, the world’s largest and most comprehensive technology data reference catalog. Now you can clean, normalize, standardize and enrich your data automatically.

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Wesleyan University case study

I’m lacking comprehensive cloud cost governance


I’m lacking comprehensive cloud cost governance

It can be difficult to keep up with the pace of digital transformation—especially when cloud usage continues to grow at warp speed. Without proper governance, you run the risk of compliance issues and could end up with costly audits or fines.

With Flexera One FinOps you get a standard approach to cloud growth, including spend approvals and automated governance. Now you can accelerate your business and digital transformation, bringing new solutions to market faster.

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Food and beverage manufacturer case study

I have difficulty prioritizing cloud migrations


I have difficulty prioritizing cloud migrations

Successful cloud migration requires proper analysis, prioritization and planning. With Flexera’s Cloud Migration and Modernization, you get the actionable intelligence you need to optimize your on-premises to cloud migration, no matter where you are on your cloud journey.

Cloud Migration and Modernization helps you chart the best course for modernizing your IT infrastructure by helping you understand how application dependencies impact your business services, as well as assisting with cloud cost and workload placement. Now you can improve your organization’s visibility and efficiency to operate the cloud at scale.

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Turner case study

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Flexera One is a SaaS-based IT management solution designed with and for organizations like yours with highly complex hybrid environments. With Flexera One, you gain unparalleled visibility into your hybrid IT estate for data-driven insights from on-premises to SaaS to the cloud. Get the actionable intelligence you need to optimize spend, reduce risk and drive results across your enterprise.

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Inform and transform your IT

Get the IT insights needed to better inform your decision making so you can optimize spend, reduce risk, chart your cloud journey and transform your ecosystem.

IT Visibility: executive summary


Visualize your entire IT estate

Get complete insights into your technology to drive better, data-driven decision making.

ITAM: License Management Summary


Gain unparalleled control over your technology

Manage and optimize your complex hybrid IT environment—from on-premises to SaaS to cloud.

FinOps - Billing Centers


Inform, optimize and operate the cloud at scale

Visualize and allocate cloud usage and billing, plan for migration, efficiently manage your hybrid IT estate and operate cloud at scale.

Cloud Optimization and Migration: potential savings dashboard


The insights you need to navigate the cloud with confidence

Gain spend recommendations, control over multi-cloud costs and actionable intelligence to optimize your cloud migration—no matter where you are on the journey.

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[Flexera] is the best tool I’ve ever used. I look at Flexera data and 95% time it’s right and that’s way better than anyone else out there. It’s doing as good as I could ever want. Overall, it’s hands down the best tool in the market [for asset managment].

Director, ITAM Global insurance company

It’s key for us that Flexera is our trusted source.  I will say to our vendors, “You want to audit us? Go ahead. It’s going to be more expensive for you than it is for us. We will counter any audit with our governance and our data, which is difficult to dispute because we use Flexera.”

VP, Global Asset Management Global insurance company

The data that Flexera provides is the key. It’s why we bought Flexera. It’s being leveraged across lots of different areas of our organization. If we didn’t have the support of Flexera, specifically the discovery catalog, SKU catalog, and Technopedia, we would not be successful.

Director of Technology Global communications company

We have driven a significant amount of value in the company, both in green dollars and what we call brown dollars or cost avoidance. We optimize license positions, remediate noncompliance, etc., and we now have this tracked on a near-daily basis. At the foundation of all that has been the successful implementation of Flexera. It’s core to everything we do globally from a software asset management perspective.

VP, Global Asset Management Global insurance company

My data is right. My data comes out of Flexera. Anybody that looks elsewhere, they’re getting the wrong numbers.

Senior Director of Cloud Large Food and Beverage Manufacturer

In the specific area of IT tracking, the best solution I’ve seen lately is Flexera, which helps companies of every size get a handle on their hardware, understand their ongoing operations and exposures, and then figure out what needs to be done to rationalize and ultimately optimize the whole messy IT sprawl.

Former Executive Director Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship, Illinois Institute of Technology

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Cloud Cost Optimization

Working with Flexera has been phenomenal. This is a company that stands behind their product and is constantly looking for ways to innovate and add new features. Their partnership has also been extraordinary.

Associate manager, FinOps IT services

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Flexera One

Excellent SAM tool. Easy to use and responsive to business needs.

Project manager and compliance analyst Consumer goods

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