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We’ve helped many of the world’s largest companies gain unparalleled visibility into their hybrid IT ecosystems, enabling them to optimize the value of their technology investments.

Prescribing $2 million in savings in one year

With App Broker and FlexNet Manager Suite solutions, Flexera helped AstraZeneca improve the many ways it delivers software to its employees.

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The new AZ SoftwareStore has delivered annual labor savings of nearly $2 million. Simplification has really driven results and delivered valuable time and cost savings back to the business. 

Global Software Asset Management Lead AstraZeneca

60% average reduction in time spent researching and validating data* *According to a 2019 study by third-party research firm Hobson & Company

Data solution defends against hackers

Flexera was able to give the agency insight into the latest product data, ensuring outdated software could be updated and secured.

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Rounding up runaway ITAM costs

The Dutch Police had a consolidation of information and communication technology environments. Flexera provided a SAM solution to help keep costs under control.

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Flexera sees a problem and helps solve [it]. That is what is of great value for us.

John Haenen, Software asset consultant Dutch Police

FlexNet Manager optimizes SAP, Oracle
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Audit defense

Global packaged goods company wraps up savings

The company was facing huge unbudgeted expenses from constant software vendor audits. After 18 months with Flexera’s solution, the company saved more than $36 million with improved license management.

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