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This financial services organization turned to Flexera to help with its license compliance challenges and was able to avoid large audit fees and gain more visibility into license data.

The challenge

Outdated tools can’t capture the whole compliance picture

The organization lacked software asset management (SAM) toolsets to calculate license compliance for its server software, including IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft® server metrics. The previous strategy for addressing this challenge was using databases and discovery tools, but there was no official process for calculating license compliance. In addition, the organization relied primarily on spreadsheets to manage the consumption and purchasing of licenses.

The solution

Mature license compliance metrics for the win

This financial services organization shopped around for the right vendor. After learning about the different solutions on the market, they performed a PoC on two vendors and their solutions—Flexera and its Flexera FlexNet Manager Suite and ServiceNow and its SAM Pro solution. They decided to purchase Flexera FlexNet Manager Suite because of the maturity of license compliance metrics for IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft. The organization has since moved from FlexNet Manager Suite to Flexera One.


When faced with a recent audit from a major vendor, the team was able to use data from Flexera to defend usage and avoid a significant fee

The result

One unifying solution, one confident, capable company

Once ascended to Flexera One, the organization could easily and more completely link together other Flexera modules such as IT Visibility and SaaS Manager. Flexera One also now helps the organization stay up to date with new functionalities, takes the burden off the IT support team, and provides the team with access to new features available in the cloud faster.

FlexNet Manager Suite and Flexera One also helped this financial services organization create a repository of licenses that tie to their purchase order information. These solutions provided the automatic creation of license use rights through SKUs and the ability to track compliance for server hardware metrics such as core, PVU, and vCPU.

As of today, the organization is using Flexera as a repository for all licenses. The team is also much more confident before and during audits. When faced with a recent audit from a major vendor, the team was able to use data from Flexera to defend usage and avoid a significant fee.

Looking forward, the organization wants to build a dashboard from its Flexera data to create a landing page for license owners. These license owners could use it to certify their compliance or obtain consumption information that they can import back into Flexera for point-in-time compliance information. The IT team plans to continue generating much needed business reports from Flexera to help all their stakeholders make critical decisions.

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