Accurate budgeting for SAP

Handle SAP licensing with confidence

SAP applications are among the most highly valued and widely used in many organizations. Companies like yours risk costly and unplanned expenses if you don’t know the exact number of SAP users you have and where, how the systems are being used and what license types are utilized, even after you submit the required license administration workbench (LAW) data to SAP.

SAP Optimization - Current Position

Usage data across all SAP systems

Accurately budget for future needs

License requirements become a moving target as organizations evolve. Flexera provides you with SAP usage information and analyzes user behavior based on several factors, including SAP transactions, authorization roles and module usage. This allows organizations to accurately predict future SAP license needs and avoid unbudgeted surprises. 

SAP Licence Optimization - Indirect Access

Indirect usage insights

Identify and optimize indirect usage

Indirect usage has become a major concern for customers as SAP continues to perform audits related to this model. The financial risk can be significant and costly. Organizations can discover instances of indirect access and optimize the license requirements for users of non-SAP systems.

Avoid unbudgeted surprises

Simplify the true-up process

Preparing for SAP true-ups – creating the LAW report and sending it to SAP – can be an exhausting process. With Flexera, organizations can:

  • Minimize the effort to prepare for a true-up or audit by automating the collection and processing of named user usage and package licensing data
  • Reclassify users based on their actual usage, eliminating duplicate users and reclaiming unused licenses
  • Determine ongoing package license consumption avoiding unbudgeted true-up surprises for these licenses