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Visualize the FinOps journey with unparalleled clarity

FinOps maturity—through the phases of Inform, Optimize and Operate—requires cross-collaboration with counterparts in IT asset management (ITAM), Infrastructure & Operations (I&O), and others for organizational alignment toward real-time optimization of cloud resources.

With Flexera One FinOps tools, FinOps Certified cloud teams can see and act upon strategic data related to on-premises assets for cloud migration, SaaS management for consistently reliable control of subscription applications and cloud cost optimization from the market leader in the space.


Improve Visibility and Allocation of Spend

FinOps solutions from Flexera One allow you to gain full visibility with 360° ingestion and reporting support for major and less common cloud vendors, as well as on-premises, hybrid and additional costs in any currency, along with detection of anomalies and trends in spend.

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Forrester Wave™

Flexera a leader in cloud cost management and optimization

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26 criteria

were used to evaluate CCMO providers

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Improve Efficiency of Cloud Spend and Licensing

Leverage automated governance and financial controls to realize ROI of a hybrid cloud strategy, with actionable insights into cost-saving opportunities across multiple cloud providers and licensing implications.

Success Story

Brewing hybrid IT value

Flexera helped Carlsberg gain critical visibility into their hybrid IT environment, resulting in substantial cost benefits and an increase in productivity and efficiency.

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Within the first year,
Carlsberg saved over $400,000
in hybrid costs through cloud and licensing insights


Operate Cloud at Scale

Automate best practices for management of hybrid, multi‐cloud environments as they increase in size and complexity without straining your FinOps, ITAM or cloud management teams and realize continued value with extensible policies.

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FinOps solutions to fit your organization

Flexera One Cloud Cost Optimization
(standard FinOps offering)

Visualize and allocate cloud usage and billing

Flexera One FinOps Advanced
(with Cloud Migration)

Visualize and allocate cloud usage and billing, effectively plan for migration and operate cloud at scale.

Flexera One FinOps Advanced
(with SaaS Management)

Visualize and allocate cloud usage and billing, efficiently manage hybrid IT estates and operate cloud at scale.

Flexera One FinOps Enterprise

Visualize and allocate cloud usage and billing, plan for migration, efficiently manage hybrid IT estates and operate cloud at scale.
Cloud Cost Optimization Cloud Cost Optimization Cloud Cost Optimization Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration
SaaS Management SaaS Management

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