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Hybrid ITAM and FinOps: Fully optimized cloud, SaaS & ITAM

FinOps maturity—through the phases of Inform, Optimize and Operate—requires cross-collaboration with counterparts in IT asset management (ITAM) for a broader view of FinOps that enables total cost of ownership (TCO) of the cloud, and to achieve the most value out of IT spend. 

With the combination of Flexera’s FinOps Certified Cloud Cost Optimization, IT Asset Management and SaaS Management all within the same platform and sharing the same data and control planes, organizations can extend their FinOps practices to include all costs associated with cloud.


Improve visibility and allocation of hybrid spend

Gain full 360° hybrid visibility with ingestion and reporting for all major and less common cloud vendors and associated costs, along with commercial software running on cloud resources and associated licensing, with detection of anomalies, budget tracking, and trends in spend.

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Improve efficiency of cloud and software spend

Leverage automated governance and financial controls to realize ROI of a hybrid cloud strategy, with actionable insights into cost-saving opportunities across multiple cloud providers, hybrid use and BYOL (Bring your own license) opportunities, and software licensing compliance implications.

Success Story

Brewing hybrid IT value

Flexera helped Carlsberg gain critical visibility into their hybrid IT environment, resulting in substantial cost benefits and an increase in productivity and efficiency.

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Within the first year,
Carlsberg saved over $400,000
in hybrid costs through cloud and licensing insights


Operate hybrid ITAM and FinOps at scale

Automate best practices for management of hybrid, multi‐cloud environments as they increase in size and complexity without straining your FinOps, ITAM or cloud management teams and realize continued value with extensible policies and hybrid ITAM and FinOps collaboration.

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Hybrid ITAM and FinOps solutions to fit your organization

Flexera One Cloud Cost Optimization

Visualize and allocate cloud usage and billing.

Flexera One FinOps Advanced (with Cloud Migration)

Visualize and allocate cloud usage and billing, effectively plan for migration and operate cloud at scale.

Flexera One FinOps Advanced (with SaaS Management)

Visualize and allocate cloud usage and billing, efficiently manage hybrid IT estates and operate cloud at scale.

Flexera One FinOps Enterprise

Visualize and allocate cloud usage and billing, plan for migration, efficiently manage hybrid IT estates and operate cloud at scale.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization


Cloud Migration


Cloud Migration



SaaS Management

SaaS Management

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About FinOps

Before applying FinOps tools, organizations must understand the value and necessity of FinOps in their organization. Here’s a quick run-through of some frequently asked questions about FinOps:

What is FinOps?

A combo of 'Finance' and 'DevOps,' FinOps is a discipline that blends financial management and cloud engineering. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘cloud cost management’ or ‘cloud financial management’ and is generally used to optimize the financial performance of an organization’s cloud computing infrastructure.

It involves collaboration across finance, technology and business teams to ensure that cloud spending aligns with business objectives and that operations work harmoniously to reduce friction, improve product delivery and gain more financial predictability.

What is a FinOps tool?

A FinOps tool like Flexera One FinOps provides organizations with cloud optimization solutions and real-time insights into cloud spend. It enables companies to manage their costs better to improve profitability and make informed decisions on trade-offs between cost, speed and quality, maximizing the value of their hybrid infrastructure at every turn.

What is FinOps usage?

‘FinOps usage’ refers to using FinOps tools or FinOps software to improve operations while optimizing spending on hybrid cloud environments. It’s the active deployment of FinOps principles and strategies.

What Is the Key Challenge of FinOps?

FinOps is designed to tackle key challenges that may be impeding an organization’s operations or wasting its financial investment on cloud solutions. Here are some problems that FinOps tools can help solve:

  • Cloud waste: Unoptimized allocation of cloud spend and inefficient use of cloud solutions
  • Lack of data visibility: Inability to effectively audit cloud solutions and architecture
  • Inefficient FinOps deployment: Failure to assign FinOps tasks to knowledgeable teams, inadequate understanding of the value of FinOps tools and lack of collaboration between stakeholders

What are the three FinOps phases?

The FinOps journey consists of three iterative phases:

  1. Inform
    The Inform phase focuses on visibility and allocation. It involves determining data sources for costing and usage. It helps teams improve budgeting, forecasting and benchmarking to optimize cloud spending and maximize value throughout the cloud environment.
  2. Optimize
    The Optimize phase involves rates and usage. Here, teams review inefficiencies and explore opportunities based on insights derived from the Inform phase.
  3. Operate
    The Operate phase is all about implementation and continuous improvement. It involves operationalizing changes using the data and capabilities developed in the two previous phases. This means applying strategies like cloud governance policies, compliance monitoring and FinOps solution training programs, among others.

Is FinOps part of DevOps?

Both FinOps and DevOps are strategies for improving business operations. FinOps is an integration of Finance and DevOps. It may be considered a part of DevOps, but it primarily focuses on the financial health of an organization’s cloud infrastructure.

DevOps is an amalgam of development and operations. It’s a set of principles, practices and tools made to accelerate software development. Meanwhile, FinOps is a management discipline that addresses the quality and efficiency of an organization’s investments and expenditures in hybrid and cloud environments.