Integration to IT Business Systems

Protect your IT investments with the highest quality data

Flexera One’s integration to IT business systems accelerates the return on investment from your platforms, expands functionality and increases efficiency across ITIL processes by delivering clean software and hardware asset data directly.


Deliver maximum ROI for your IT business systems

  • Improve resolution times with accurate incident routing
  • Improve purchasing power and standardize applications to control costs, and ensure hardware and software assets are not under- or overutilized
  • Create automated IT processes such as software provisioning to reduce help desk calls and improve employee satisfaction
  • Eliminate the tedious task of manually assisting employees with common needs and improve utilization of your IT manpower
  • Secure and protect your organization from rogue and unprotected software
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Simplify integration to IT business systems

Getting your data right—and the foundation it provides—doesn’t have to be complicated. You can manage your technology portfolio effectively and drive efficiency across your enterprise. Ensure alignment with business goals.


Normalize configuration items (CI)

Flexera One can ensure CIs are enriched with lifecycle and migration information for informed decision making.

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Keep data up-to-date

Stay apprised of data source, product and market changes with Flexera One, powered by Technopedia, the most trusted and comprehensive source of hardware, software, SaaS and cloud product information in the world. Gain a full portfolio view by consolidating data from multiple sources, identifying key data from noise, enabling consistent data structure and providing valuable market data to applications such as ITAM, CMDB, SAM and service desk.


Populate model tables

Clean up your tables with reliable data. Use comprehensive and categorized listings of software and hardware models.


Utilize non-discoverable market data

Enrich and increase consistency in data across your IT business systems. Diminish risk with clean, structured and up-to-date CMDB data.

IT Visibility Capabilities

Discover how visibility and insight into hybrid IT estate can help you optimize the value of your technology


Fast and automated mapping of all your business services

Bypass the manual work needed to make sense of application dependencies. Utilize intelligent automation to ensure your service mapping is always current and complete.

Normalize Data Transparency Chart

A complete view of inventory across on-prem, SaaS and cloud

Leverage powerful normalization capabilities to combine and clean IT data from all your inventory sources. Powered by Technopedia, the most comprehensive catalog in the industry, Flexera One can identify 4.9+ million hardware and software products to give you the most complete technology intelligence.

IT Visibility Software Details

Overcome your CMDB challenges

Avoid downtime and delayed responses to issues and improve your ITSM metrics. Connect your CMDB to Flexera One for a continuous and clean source of data about your IT assets and resources. Eliminate the effort and errors of manual work, while ensuring your CMDB stays up to date.

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Create a consistent source of truth for your IT

IT business systems often operate in silos and provide partial or even conflicting information. Avoid complications, costs and risk by creating a consistent source of truth to enhance all your IT systems.

IT Visibility Software Lifecycle Management

Reduce risk from obsolescence

Gain visibility into which IT assets are approaching end of support and end of life. Determine which business services are at risk from out-of-date technology.

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