Helping you achieve maximum ROI

Support every step of the way

We’re here to support you at every stage of your journey to success. From implementation to ongoing training and support, you can count on us to help you achieve the ROI you expect.

Optimize your Flexera Solution


Flexera Implementation Service provides technical and operational implementation directly in your environment. Delivered by consultants with deep expertise in best-practice processes, this service ensures the implementation and configuration of your Flexera solution is rapid and robust.


Implementing with Flexera

We have regular discussions with our Flexera CSM (customer success manager) so the CSM team is with us step by step on everything. If we need someone to explain what’s going on or what our next steps should be, our CSM is there with us.


On-demand Expertise

Expert consulting

We want to make onboarding and implementation of your Flexera solution fast, clean and efficient. These services are made available through our Flexera Global Consulting Services, working closely with our network partners. Flexera Global Consulting Services have helped many Flexera customers with robust consulting, implementation and training that help plan, implement and operate solutions to meet or exceed business outcome expectations.


Get your team up to speed

Education and training

We offer a variety of training courses—both instructor-led and online—to educate you and your team on optimizing your Flexera solutions. These services accelerate knowledge transfer so your team can get the most from your market-leading Flexera solutions.


Valuable resources

We’re excited to announce our refreshed Community, Learning Center and Product Documentation websites. These new updates are another way we help you get the most ROI of your technology investments every day.

Discover how to get the most out of your Flexera solutions
Worldwide Technical Support

Ready with answers

Technical support

Flexera’s top-notch support organization employs more than 65 technical professionals in seven locations around the globe. The support team offers advice, information and troubleshooting on issues that may arise during operation of our solutions.

Tap a world of knowledge

A community of peers

The Flexera Community boasts more than 34,000 members, so you can interact with peers from around the world in virtually every industry. You can tap community resources to tag interesting topics, follow inspirational people and even build your personal brand. When you have questions, you’ll get fast, real-world responses in minutes.



A win-win partnership

Customer success

Your success is expedited by our team of CSMs highly trained in Flexera solutions. Your CSM will establish a strategic partnership with your organization based on trust, credibility and results. Through this partnership, the CSM will help you realize business value through Flexera products and services by working with you to define success plans, onboard users and much more.

Informing IT, Transforming IT

Industry insights to help keep you informed


Exciting new updates to help you leverage Flexera to its fullest potential

At Flexera, we succeed when you succeed. We not only want to help you transform and optimize your business, but also equip you with the proper tools and skills needed to take advantage of all the features offered through Flexera One and our solutions. That’s why we’re excited to announce we’ve our refreshed Community, Learning Center and Product Documentation websites. The Community is a great hub to engage with other Flexera users, and it’s a place you can find support every step of the way along your journey.

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