Smooth and seamless implementation

Your success is our priority

Flexera customers have access to training and consulting services that help you plan, implement and operate your solutions and achieve desired business outcomes. Our partners provide highly trained experts applying proven methodologies that reduce the time it takes to realize your ROI.

Step by step to success

Your path to value

We’ve developed a proven, phased implementation process with milestone checkpoints along the way that keep all stakeholders on track to achieve desired business outcomes. Flexera approaches the journey to success in three phases.



Implement your Flexera solutions with confidence

Successful implementation

Flexera has extensive experience implementing technology with large global enterprises. We leverage our proprietary methodology to set clear success metrics up front with governance oversight, keeping stakeholders informed and aligned on expected business outcomes and impacts. This approach builds in agility to react to unexpected challenges, and enables seamless change management and course correction to keep the implementation on track.


Quick time-to-value

Flexera breaks down the overall business outcome objectives into a series of prioritized short-term goals and KPIs. These are designed to prove value early in the implementation. This allows us to achieve and communicate early success while stabilizing mission-critical activities and continue to make steady progress towards big-picture goals. For these short-term goals, we’ll look at your biggest expenditures by examining risk and reward. This helps us determine opportunities that can be achieved in the shortest time so you can start communicating results and value early in the implementation.

Achieve business outcomes

Our experts will work with you and your stakeholders to define the problems you’re trying to solve and establish baseline metrics (e.g., current spend, growth rate, etc.) for measuring success. We’ll determine the desired business outcomes with specific, measurable, time-bound detail, definition and dependencies to establish key milestones to track progress and course correct throughout the implementation. 

Valuable resources

We’re excited to announce our refreshed Community, Learning Center and Product Documentation websites. These new updates are another way we help you get the most ROI of your technology investments every day.

Discover how to get the most out of your Flexera solutions


Obtain a clear picture of your successful implementation

Flexera’s experts and partners work with you to prepare, plan and execute the implementation of our solutions.


Clear and comprehensive project scoping

Flexera or one of our strategic partners will host a collaborative design workshop run by expert consultants. In this workshop, our experts will apply best practices for setting enterprises on the path to implementation success. This session helps your organization gather information about the scope and goals of your IT environment endeavor. And it helps establish standards for integrating and managing the data, tools and processes for a successful implementation.


Quantifiable time-to-value

Many enterprises like yours begin the journey to transforming their IT environment only to encounter difficulty overcoming common challenges. These can include a lack of visibility into their technology ecosystem, rising spend and not being able to move faster while also staying in control. Flexera’s Global Consulting Services and our strategic partners provide a range of services that enable organizations to quickly realize their business objectives.


Rapid and robust implementation

Flexera’s Implementation Service provides technical and operational implementation directly in your organization’s environment. Delivered by consultants with deep expertise in best-practice processes, this service ensures the implementation and configuration of your Flexera solution is rapid and robust. The service is based on process, design and architecture decisions made jointly by the organization, as well as an expert consultant from Flexera or one of our strategic partners.