Cloud Cost Management - FINOPS

Improve visibility, allocation and efficiency of cloud spend at scale

Actionable spend recommendations paired with budget controls and cost policies help your organization avoid surprises and eliminate waste. Powerful functionality enables cloud governance teams to work collaboratively with business units and cloud resource owners to allocate cloud spend, improve cloud spend efficiency, and operate cloud at scale.

Identifying opportunities for cloud costs savings is a powerful facet of your cost optimization journey. The Flexera One platform not only FinOps Certified enables the identification of these cost savings, but also provides the tools to automate these cost savings opportunities, allowing cloud cost optimization to become a scalable and standardized part of your cloud governance activities.


Improve efficiency of cloud spend in a multi-cloud world

  • Reduce or eliminate wasted cloud spend with full visibility
  • Regain control over cloud costs at scale
  • Report cloud spend with confidence with fully cost allocation
  • Avoid cloud spend invoice shock with spend anomaly detection
Regain control over your cloud spend

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Now you can manage overall cloud resource costs

Get visibility into cloud usage and costs for all your cloud accounts. You can evaluate and report on your most cost-effective regions and instance sizes, and dive deep into public and private cloud costs by application, category, business unit, cost center, department or team. You also can allocate costs for chargeback and showback with complete backup and justification.


Complete cost visibility

Get a complete picture of public and private cloud costs including compute, network and storage with combined billing data and detailed usage information. Improve financial reporting, spend allocation and forecasting.


Robust cost reporting

Analyze, forecast, budget and report on cloud infrastructure costs by an assortment of factors, including cloud provider, account and region. Reduce cloud waste and inefficiency.


Cost allocation by center/team

Tag cloud resources to track cloud budget and spend and enable invoice reconciliation and allocation to cost centers/teams with specific markups and markdowns on cloud costs. Align cloud spend with your business strategy.


Cost anomalies alerting

Automatically calculated spend anomalies reporting gives you insight and culprits behind spikes and reduction in cloud spend by a variety of variables.

Success story

Business spend management platform puts its money on cloud optimization and saves

As Coupa rapidly expanded, managing their multi-cloud environment along with its costs became top priorities. Already a customer, Coupa added additional Flexera capability and gained cost visibility, discount reporting and cost optimization concierge services.

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Cloud cost optimization capabilities

Optimize public and private cloud spend

Volle Kontrolle über Ihre Cloudkosten

Gain full control over multi-cloud costs

Simplify cloud cost management across multiple platforms and work collaboratively with cloud resource owners to report, manage and optimize cloud spend.

Maximize the value of your hybrid cloud strategy

Leverage automated policies to control cloud estate

Enable your cloud governance teams to manage and control hybrid cloud use to automate governance of costs, operations, security and compliance.

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