Simplify your Microsoft Estate

Complex environments present complex challenges

Microsoft spans across desktop, datacenter, SaaS and cloud, covering the entire IT estate, involving multiple teams and often multiple agreements to manage effectively. A hybrid ITAM and FinOps approach is necessary to ensure your audit and negotiation readiness.

Technology Spend - Microsoft Hybrid FinOps

Complex licensing simplified

Simplify with a holistic view of your Microsoft estate

The increasing complexity of hybrid IT environments also makes IT contracts and licenses complex—and a challenge for executives and ITAM professionals managing IT environments. But with a holistic view of your entire Microsoft estate—available only from Flexera One—you can see your way to making game-changing IT decisions.

Flexera One license summary: Microsoft
Flexera’s data and depth of insight is key to success, as where and how you deploy software matters

Flexera’s data and depth of insight is key to success, as where and how you deploy software matters

Spend, usage identified across hybrid IT

Make data-driven decisions across on-prem, SaaS and cloud

Your organization may have several Microsoft applications spanning on-premises (Windows OS, Office Suite, SQL Server) to SaaS (O365) to the cloud (Azure). Identifying spend and usage data across all these different applications and technologies can be daunting. Flexera’s extensive product use rights libraries and templates, with more than two million entries, enable you to report your effective license position and take the complexity out of vendor agreements. You no longer need to be a lawyer or mathematician to have the upper hand.

What you have and where

Leverage actionable insights to answer essential questions

  • What are all the elements in my Microsoft estate?
  • What’s my total spend by category and how is it trending?
  • What’s my total product footprint and how exposed am I to currency risk?
  • How is my spend aligned with my transformation objectives?
  • Which Microsoft assets am I utilizing the most?
  • How efficient is my software and Bring Your Own License (BYOL) entitlement usage?
  • What’s my Microsoft effective license position (ELP), is it compliant and is it optimized?
  • What are my key trends?

In order to manage your Microsoft estate, it’s important to be able to answer myriad questions about spend, risk and more.

Holistic Microsoft management with Flexera One

Reliable information for top vendor

Prepare your estate with negotiation readiness

Organizations under a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) receive price protection and locked-in use rights and terms for at least three years. However, when time for renewal comes, you must review and mitigate the risks associated with three years’ worth of changes. That’s why it’s important to start the preparation process early, with reliable licensing and consumption data. 

Flexera has implemented optimization capabilities to take advantage of rule changes so customers can immediately begin reaping the cost savings available from new benefits.

Flexera One License Summary: Microsoft Desktop Office entitlements and consumption
Flexera One License Report: Microsoft Windows Server Optimization

Optimize with authority

Save millions on Microsoft

Use Flexera One to understand your contracts, as well as usage and consumption, across cloud, on-premises and SaaS. Evaluate your virtual machine (VM) deployment, leverage Microsoft optimization reports (for example, Windows Server) for optimal license consumption and review licensing agreements, while also considering the alternative options on the market across your assets (such as Linux, IBM, Oracle or other providers) to get the most out of your investments.

Spend, risk and optimization unified

Put your enterprise technology blueprint to work

Now you can answer questions about your Microsoft estate with confidence. Flexera One gives you the most complete and up-to-date view of your hybrid IT environment from on-premises to SaaS to cloud. We compile your technology data, compare it to your contractual entitlements and give you a unified view of your spend, risk and optimization possibilities.

Informing IT, Transforming IT

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