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Rightsize agreements and stop paying for unused monthly subscriptions

Software as a service (SaaS) is the largest cloud market and continues to grow. Yet Flexera’s 2023 State of ITAM Report found that 32% of SaaS spend is being wasted. With the most consistent, complete and accurate data, Flexera enables you to encourage the agility of SaaS adoption while governing SaaS costs and usage. Now you have control over all of your SaaS subscriptions including Salesforce, Microsoft and ServiceNow.


Optimize the value of your SaaS

  • Discover the SaaS apps purchased and used by your business units
  • Collaborate with business owners to optimize subscriptions and consolidate contracts
  • Track the value delivered by SaaS apps through proactively generated, easy-to-read usage reports
  • Stop paying monthly subscriptions for users who never log on
  • Find redundant SaaS applications so you can leverage your buying power
  • Secure your invaluable data stored in SaaS apps as employees leave the organization
  • Report on unsanctioned SaaS spend

Flexera SaaS Manager has been helping us for a long time. Recently their Salesforce Power BI dashboard was upgraded to reflect the data and attributes at the roles and profiles level. This dashboard gives a comprehensive view of Salesforce users and licenses. This is critical for leadership to assess application adoption, provides opportunities for clean-up of unused licenses and achieve cost efficiencies. Thank you very much Flexera.

Neeraj Saxena Software Asset Management Product Owner – Principal, PG&E

Success story

Optimized licensing for a financial management enterprise

In preparation for an upcoming renewal, a financial management firm needed to estimate growth in their Google contract by quantifying the number of additional Google G Suite licenses needed. Flexera discovered thousands of inactive accounts so they were able to avoid additional spend and actually decreased costs with an annual savings of $250,000.

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25% reduction

in budgeted spend after reclaiming 2,791 inactive accounts out of a total 10,892 licenses


Make sound SaaS decisions

Utilize tools to see and supervise all your SaaS across your entire estate.


Discover and monitor SaaS

Business units continue widespread and independent adoption of SaaS apps like Salesforce, Aha, LinkedIn, Atlassian, Zoom and Adobe Analytics without the oversight of IT. Flexera One enables you to discover more than 32,000 SaaS applications and provides API level integration to major vendors—so you can take action. And Flexera One categorizes SaaS apps, allowing you to leverage your buying power by consolidating contracts for redundant applications.


Optimize SaaS based on actual usage

According to Flexera’s 2023 State of ITAM Report, Microsoft, Salesforce and ServiceNow are some of the most relevant SaaS providers that organizations rely on today. But only 50% are negotiating contract terms with these vendors, and only 52% have teams and processes in place to track usage, rightsize and promptly offboard employees. Flexera One’s capabilities make reporting on active, inactive, never active users, as well as cost per user easier than ever. These reports enable you to buy only what your need and stop paying monthly subscriptions for users who aren’t deriving value from the app. For example, you can remove ServiceNow subscriptions for inactive users with Flexera One’s capabilities. Flexera One can even suggest licensing alternatives based on feature usage. For instance, you can downsize Microsoft 365 E5 subscriptions to Microsoft 365 E3 subscriptions based on app usage.


Secure SaaS accounts

Employees come and go. Roles change. You need to protect your sensitive data stored in SaaS apps like Salesforce, Box, DropBox and NetSuite from former employees. According to the IBM Cost of a Data Breach report, the global average total cost of a data breach is now $4.35M, with stolen or compromised credentials being the most common and costly. Flexera One enables you to automatically remove accounts, secure your data and ensure compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and other regulations.


Embrace the SaaS renewal chaos

SaaS renewal management is a different paradigm than traditional three-year agreements. With so many SaaS apps coming into the environment, renewals are becoming a daily routine. Flexera One enables you to track SaaS auto-renewals and key dates so you can help your business owners develop a renewal strategy and framework for better outcomes.


Help the business maximize the value of SaaS

The business owners in your organization don’t have sophisticated IT processes. They need your expertise to maximize their technology investments. Collaborate with application owners to show them their total SaaS departmental spend, active/inactive users, cost per user and cost per application—giving them the insights they need to make decisions about renewals. Advise your peers on existing apps and contracts to reduce SaaS sprawl and optimize per user pricing. Partner with the business to secure their invaluable data as employees leave the organization.

IT asset management capabilities

IT asset management that makes the exponential manageable

Dashboard Softwarelizenzmanagement

Obtain a clear SaaS picture to rein in spend

ServiceNow, Salesforce, Workday, Microsoft. What if you could shave off even a few percentage points from your SaaS costs for all of them? With Flexera One, you get a current and complete picture of SaaS usage to support your business stakeholders while optimizing SaaS spend with all your vendors. Flexera One enables you to take action by discovering shadow SaaS, removing redundant applications and optimizing subscriptions based on actual usage automatically. 

Dashboard Softwarelizenzmanagement

Optimize software from on-prem to cloud

Your software portfolio is quickly expanding into private and public clouds with BYOSL. At the same time, Microsoft is creating hybrid use rights and IBM is offering Cloud Paks. And we thought capacity-based licensing in the data center was hard. You need more than a workflow to optimize your software spend and mitigate audit risks—that’s where Flexera One comes in. Unlike other software asset management tools out there, Flexera One is the only SAM solution to solve the exponentiality of licensing. It possesses the depth, breadth, algorithms and automation required to truly create a trusted and accurate license position.

Hardware Asset Management Graph

Maximize your hardware investments no matter where they are

The remote workforce brought on new challenges and amplified the need for hardware asset management. Flexera Ones helps you make critical hardware lifecycle decisions to support user productivity, business continuity and make the most of your hardware investments. Enabling you to manage the hardware you own or lease, no matter where it is.

2024 State of ITAM Report


How do organizations feel wasted SaaS spend has changed in the past year?




Stayed the same



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