Lasting FinOps success with AWS

AWS hybrid FinOps optimization and migration planning

Flexera helps optimize your AWS cloud journey with solutions that span migration planning, cost optimization through FinOps best practices, allocation and a broader view including SaaS implications with Hybrid ITAM and FinOps. With Flexera and AWS, you’ll gain the full visibility you need to get the most out of your hybrid cloud spend. 

Flexera One AWS Analyzer

Comprehensive migration planning

Confidently plan for cloud migration and day two operations

The breadth of available AWS hosting options can be complex to plan for, along with choosing the priority of migration candidates. Flexera One FinOps provides you with a comprehensive migration plan through a bottom-up approach, enabling you to identify migration candidates, priority, cost, and plan for day two FinOps activities.

Flexera One Cloud Migration Planning
Flexera One Cloud Cost Optimization - AWS Billing Centers

Full cost visibility

Aggregate and allocate all AWS costs

Flexera One FinOps gives full visibility into all AWS and associated cloud costs, ingesting any cost data in any currency. Full cost allocation capabilities and shared cost management allows for a deep understanding of spend by business outcomes and business units, consumable through extensive and customizable reporting and dashboards for all stakeholders. 

Cloud spend efficiency

Get the most out of your AWS spend

Flexera One FinOps provides actionable recommendations across your AWS environment, ensuring that you’re getting the most out of your AWS spend through rate and usage reduction recommendations across your hybrid cloud environment. Automated polices help manage your hybrid cloud costs at scale, and anomaly detection along with budgeting and forecasting helps ensure that your AWS spend is on target and governed. 

Flexera One - AWS Cloud Cost Optimization
Flexera One AWS Policy Catalog

Operate AWS at scale

Consistent and automated AWS management

Flexera One FinOps provides an extensible hybrid cloud automation and integration engine, allowing for end-to-end automation of AWS cost governance and optimization outcomes based on your unique business requirements. With Flexera One FinOps, you can take a curated and unified approach to your AWS environment that’s consistent and integrated with your business processes.

Unified ITAM and FinOps

Hybrid ITAM and FinOps capabilities for the most out of AWS

Flexera One FinOps uniquely allows for organizations to gain critical insights to the software running on AWS resources and associated licensing considerations, enabling the critical collaboration between ITAM and FinOps teams. By accessing the same source of data through a common taxonomy, both teams can realize greater results and cost optimization throughout your entire AWS environment and make sound cloud and software decisions.

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