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Let self-service software deployment drive efficiency

Centralized access to applications lets users self-serve, while IT maintains governance and control of software approvals and licensing.

A catalog of software applications is critical for governance of desktop, cloud and mobile applications in the growing enterprise environment. With Flexera’s App Portal and on-premises App Broker, the enterprise app store becomes a reality.

IT Asset Request Reclamation


Automating access to applications

  • Access and download on-premises, cloud-based and/or mobile applications, increasing IT responsiveness with automation and service-level alignment
  • Ensure ongoing application license compliance
  • Reduce IT spend and support costs through reclamation and decreased service desk volume
  • Reduce application delivery time from weeks to minutes with automated software deployment
  • Check license availability before you deploy to gain control over software license compliance and governance
  • Reuse existing license inventory instead of purchasing more

Success Story

Driving productivity in high tech

Avnet’s technical staff was spending hours on repetitive installation tasks, preventing them from focusing on strategic initiatives. Flexera empowered Avnet to automate installation processes and fulfill the corporate mandate of empowering employees with self-service tools.

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Wait times for software requests were reduced from days to minutes and eliminated manual workflows generated by service desk tickets.

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With or without ITSM, you’ll be in control

If you’re already using ITSM systems like ServiceNow and BMC Helix, you can fully utilize APIs by running App Broker in the background to ensure proper implementation management of requested applications, while keeping the interface your teams are accustomed to using. If you don't have an ITSM system or portal already in place, App Portal will provide a user-friendly interface so your team can view the application catalog.


Take your software for a test drive

With App Broker and App Portal, you can try out applications with our application leasing capability. Evaluate whether the software meets your needs during a temporary installation period that automatically uninstalls after the trial.


Automation of the reclamation process

With App Broker, you can reclaim and reallocate unused or underutilized software licenses automatically. Our configuration application takes the manual effort out of license reclamation.


Deploy the software you need

Gain the ability to deploy your applications to desktops, mobile devices and Mac. App Broker can be deployed to any Windows system you need to reach.


Keep your devices current with our operating system deployment

With the use task sequence in system center configuration manager (SCCM), you can seamlessly move your applications to their newest versions. App Broker facilitates the whole process of system deployment, allowing your software to stay up to date.


Deliver and control your software

Manage your software application delivery from a single source for complete insight into the management of license compliance.

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