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Image: How to view and optimize your SAP licensing costs

SAP is known by SAM practitioners to have one of the most complex software licensing models. In fact, in a 2021 SAP User Group Survey, 95 percent of respondents said that SAP’s licensing is ‘overly complicated. On top of that, 67 percent of users claimed that they have found it challenging to keep track of SAP license usage.

Additionally, according to Flexera’s 2022 State of ITAM Report, 30 percent of respondents claim that their SAM practices are still in the beginner phase.

It’s clear that SAM practitioners need help tracking usage and consumption. But what can you do to optimize your SAP licenses without visibility into your SAP relationship? Now you can get that visibility with Flexera One.

We’re excited to announce we’ve released the SAP Licensing Metrics Dashboard in Flexera One. Now, you can see important SAP license metrics and consumption in Flexera Analytics and even share the reports via email.

Here are just a few things you can do to optimize your license position using the SAP Analytics Dashboard in Flexera One:

Achieve quick compliance position

This helps you understand at a glance if your consumption is either exceeding or underutilizing your entitlements in terms of the named user and packaged licenses purchased by the organization. This is displayed as a license position status. You can also view the number of active licenses of each type and choose to optimize your license assignments to best meet the needs of the organization and save on costs.

Re-harvest inactive licenses

The dashboard gives you a view of the number of users who have logged in a certain configurable duration (widget shows 90 days by default). Based on this, you can identify inactive users who have not logged in for a while. From there, you can deactivate these users and re-harvest the licenses to either redistribute or save on costs.

Budget based on top purchases

As organizations grow and change, license requirements become a moving target. The dashboard contains a view of the top five purchases for both named user licenses as well as package licenses. You can also compare this against the usage to determine how to budget and forecast the need for future SAP licensing costs.

Managing licenses and consumption doesn’t have to be hard. To learn more about Flexera One, click the button below.

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