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Eastman, a global chemical manufacturer, wanted a cloud migration process that would help them transform the delivery of hundreds of applications used by employees across the company. With Flexera, Eastman gained the tools and expertise to prioritize, allowing them to create a plan for complete migration to a major, third-party cloud provider within three years.

The challenge

Revitalize the application delivery process

Eastman produces chemicals, fibers and plastics found in a variety of everyday products. Their cross-industry market allows them to find success in multiple channels.

Unfortunately, Eastman had little understanding of what applications existed in their IT environment. The challenge was to shed technical debt and realize the value of the cloud. Their IT team knew that their traditional way of gathering information about the IT environment was complicated and took thousands of hours. So they employed Flexera to save time and money by spearheading and improving the process. They formed a cloud team in April 2017 to help launch their effort to prioritize and migrate more than 300 applications.

More than 300 applications prioritized for cloud migration

The solution

Migrate more than 300 applications to the cloud

Eastman’s IT team members quickly realized that with over 300 applications and thousands of servers, figuring out where to start would be a challenge. They developed criteria for their applications to determine what to move and when to move it. But they needed accurate data to back up their decisions and a model that would be flexible to changing priorities. The company partnered with Flexera to transform their discovered environment into a custom application scoring algorithm that prioritized more than 300 applications for migration.

Eastman also started to move four of their biggest applications to Amazon Web Services architecture but verified with Flexera that they had high-risk dependencies and needed to stay on-premises. Utilizing Flexera, the team quickly identified those applications with manufacturing dependencies and de-prioritized them.

“Now we have a view of what’s actually talking from an application standpoint,” said Mickey Hunsinger, principal systems analyst at Eastman. “This is going to provide a lot of difference in the long term.”

Now we have a view of what’s actually talking from an application standpoint. This is going to provide a lot of difference in the long term.

Mickey Hunsinger Principal systems analyst, Eastman

The results

Flexera was able to bring clarity to complex issues and help Eastman prioritize using verifiable and dependable data. “You could say that Flexera turns opinions into either fact or fiction. Realistically, it makes it data-driven,” said Matthew Campbell, corporate IT architect at Eastman. The company is continuing their journey to the cloud and has shared the scoring algorithm to make it available for all Flexera customers and partners.

Eastman implemented 30/60/90 goals for migrating their business applications to cloud architecture. Their plan included migrating 30 percent of their applications in 2018, 60 percent in 2019 and the rest in 2020. The company also wants to leverage multiregional capabilities from a cloud standpoint. And Flexera will keep working with them as they grow.

You could say that Flexera turns opinions into either fact or fiction.

Matthew Campbell Corporate IT architect, Eastman

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