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When Suva, the largest accident insurance provider in Switzerland, chose Flexera to improve its software lifecycle management, SoftwareONE implemented the new tool and enabled the company to optimize licenses and reduce spend and compliance risk.

The challenge

Updates create a need for improvements

With revenues of more than $326.5 million, Suva is Switzerland’s largest accident insurance provider. The company’s IT staff manages more than 350 software solutions across 5,000 client and server endpoints.

With existing internal license management processes and eight years of experience in software lifecycle management (SLM), Suva was already well covered. The insurance provider had previously received technical support from the Brainwaregroup’s Spider tool. However, as a result of Flexera’s acquisition of Brainwaregroup, support for Spider would eventually be discontinued. For this reason, a new tool would be needed to support and improve Suva’s IT asset management and contract management.

Data from 5,000
was successfully migrated and optimized

The solution

Suva decided to implement Flexera’s software and IT asset management solution to manage and optimize enterprise software regardless of location and to take advantage of the synergies emerging from the takeover. Migrations are often very complex and time-consuming. However, Flexera provided a project plan specifically tailored to the company’s needs. SoftwareONE implemented the solution, which helped the planned migration of the data proceed quickly and smoothly.

In addition to the implementation of the Flexera solution, the project plan included an assessment of the current situation as well as an inventory of the IT infrastructure and verification of compliance for Microsoft and Oracle licenses. Finally, all business data, such as licenses, contracts and maintenance, were transferred to the new Flexera tool.

SoftwareONE continuously monitored the entire migration process, which substantially reduced the workload of Suva’s IT department. Imported templates and other elements were prepared for the new tool and the data quality was consistently checked and optimized.

Thanks to the competent support of SoftwareONE, we were able to migrate quickly and smoothly to the new tool. The advance planning was done in a professional manner and carried us through the entire project. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and the result.

Stavros Antifakos Head of IT Management Services at Suva

The results

By generating a complete inventory list—including all clients and servers—Flexera helped Suva calculate compliance and achieve increased levels of transparency and control. This overview of the entire software portfolio enabled optimal and cost-effective software allocation to clients according to their user profiles. Furthermore, Suva was able to measure actual software use, revealing greater cost-saving potentials. Overall, the improved transparency opened the door for new opportunities for goal- oriented tactical and strategic decisions in the SLM sector while reducing spend and compliance risk.

The value of software
asset management
increased due to the results found
in compliance checks

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