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A global packaged goods company with more than 100,000 employees lacked tools and expertise in software asset management (SAM) and software license optimization (SLO). Consequently, they were facing huge unbudgeted expenses from constant software vendor audits. Flexera provided a solution that manages their SAP, Oracle and desktop software across the entire company. After 18 months with Flexera, the company has saved more than $36 million with improved license management.

The challenge

Company needed SAM and SLO solutions

With more than 100,000 employees and operations in 75 countries, this consumer packaged goods conglomerate constantly faced software vendor audits that resulted in out-of-compliance positions and large, unbudgeted expenses in the tens of millions of dollars annually. Employees across the organization were purchasing software outside of corporate software agreements, causing the company to miss out on lower costs associated with those purchase agreements.

The company had no SAM or SLO processes or tools in place. And its employees lacked expertise in both areas.

Packaged goods giant faced tens of
millions of
in annual unbudgeted expenses

The solution

Gained company-wide control over software and licenses

Flexera implemented an SLO solution across the entire enterprise to ensure cohesive SAM processes that drive software license compliance and optimize spend. The company relies on a managed service from Flexera’s global consulting services organization. That includes software solutions and consulting services to help ensure they remain in compliance with complex software vendor agreements, purchase only the software licenses needed to run their business, and correctly assign the most relevant license types to their users. The managed service leverages Flexera’s FlexNet Manager solution to proactively manage their SAP, Oracle and desktop software.

Additionally, the company established processes to reclaim money that would have been spent on unnecessary licenses and reallocate these funds to critical projects. The Flexera managed service also allows them to maintain license compliance, as well as prepare for software vendor audits (if needed) and true-up negotiations.

Flexnet Manager optimizes SAP, Oracle and more

The results

In the first 18 months of using Flexera’s solutions and managed services, the company saved more than $36 million by proactively managing key software license assets. They’ve remained in license compliance and have not been audited by Oracle or SAP, both of which accept the Flexera audit reports as the given license positions for the entire organization. This results in tremendous labor and cost savings by not having to prepare for audits. The company continues to recognize direct fiscal benefits every quarter with the assistance of Flexera’s global consulting services, as they drive toward an optimal software position.

Flexera’s global consulting services also assisted the company by continuing to help implement Flexera’s App Broker, an enterprise app store. This helps employees get the software they need while maintaining license compliance.

after 18 months
with Flexera

Reduce spend and compliance risk with license optimization

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