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Autotrader, a leading online platform for buying and selling cars, relied on a manual system for managing assets, while different departments favored different data management tools. The company wanted one consistent data architecture. Turning to Flexera, Autotrader utilized Technopedia and Normalize, features in Flexera’s Data Platform, and ServiceNow Asset Management to improve access to data intelligence, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the time required for data research and validation.

The challenge

Autotrader needed a single solution for data management

This resistance to standardization and integration created massive data quality issues that hindered performance and productivity. To address these problems, the company needed an asset management solution that could standardize data across multiple siloed systems without replacing them.

Autotrader is a leading online platform for buying or selling a new or used car, with an inventory of thousands of vehicles, a sophisticated search tool, and a rich library of consumer resources. However, as Autotrader Group, a conglomerate of six companies, the Atlanta-based company’s internal IT assets were far less well-organized. It was using at least nine different asset discovery and asset management solutions, with every department insisting on retaining its own familiar data models, processes and systems.

75% reduction in effort managing external audits with Data Platform according to a 2019 study by third-party research firm Hobson & Company of Flexera customers

Separating the data from the tools allowed me to build a single asset management solution for all assets across the different tools. I could get an accurate picture of all the assets, easily generate reports for compliance, and basically build a foundation for IT service management.

IT Asset Manager for Autotrader

The solution

Flexera provided Autotrader with data management and data quality

The company utilized Technopedia and Normalize, features in Flexera’s Data Platform, and ServiceNow Asset Management, to aggregate asset data across multiple tools. Autotrader’s IT team was able to get a consistent view of all assets in order to normalize data to a single classification. This greater visibility enabled them to solve their data quality issues by automatically cleansing data, as well as providing non-discoverable metadata and dynamic market information. Ultimately, this ensures data remains current with market changes. Autotrader now has a standardized data architecture across its entire organization.

60% average reduction in time spent researching
and validating data
according to a study by third-party research firm Hobson & Company of Data Platform customers

The results

Autotrader cut implementation by 75 percent, maintenance efforts by 90 percent

Flexera’s solutions enabled Autotrader to cut implementation effort by 75 percent and reduced ongoing maintenance efforts by 90 percent. While standardizing data across the organization, Flexera also helped Autotrader build the foundation for IT service management.

For the specific capabilities we were looking for, there was really no other solution out there. It was an easy decision.

IT Asset Manager for Autotrader

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