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A storybook ending: Global public library automates with Flexera to save time and money


At a glance

With only two people on their IT team, a global public library was suffering from outdated systems, resulting in wasted time and money. With Flexera’s AdminStudio and Package Feed Module, they were able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by automating tasks and streamlining operations, freeing up valuable time to focus on other strategic initiatives.

The challenge

Outdated applications left the door open to attacks

Outdated applications are fodder for hackers and cybercriminals, increasing the risk of attacks and data breaches. A global public library’s IT team needed a solution that could help automate their process for security patches, installation and maintenance updates. They were looking for something that could streamline their processes and keep third-party software up to date as much as possible, allowing employees to minimize vulnerability risk and focus on business operations.

The solution

Utilize Flexera’s AdminStudio and Package Feed Module solutions

Several years ago, the library installed Flexera’s AdminStudio to increase the security and efficiency of managing application packaging. Due to the success resulting from their experience with AdminStudio, the IT team recently decided to utilize Flexera’s Package Feed Module, which helps utilize detailed package information for nearly 4,500 application installers.

One of the most important criteria the team was looking for when considering a patch catalog solution was automation. After evaluating several other vendors, they decided Flexera’s solution was the right choice for their needs.

“With a need to package, test and import data for over 100 applications, our team of two admins found it challenging and time consuming to keep all the apps up to date,” said the library’s desktop engineer. “While looking for a solution, we evaluated other Patch Catalog products and found that Package Feed Module was the best to help us with that challenge.”

With AdminStudio, the team was pleased to learn that Flexera could distribute to Microsoft ConfigMan and Intune. They were able to take on the larger burden of automating the packaging process with Package Feed Module.

The library’s team was also pleased with their experience working with Flexera to set up the automation, noting that implementing the process was streamlined and straightforward. 

I like the fact that we can obtain the latest software directly within AdminStudio and distribute it to ConfigMan. This cuts down on the time we would spend determining the existence of new versions and how to deploy them.

Desktop Engineer

The resutls

Optimize operations to realize significant cost and time savings

The global library saw considerable time savings with Package Feed Module, saving at least one hour per package—amounting to $73,604 annually and more than $220,000  over the 3-year subscription.

With such a small team of two admins, automation was the most important feature because it could save them valuable resources, including their time, and ultimately, money. AdminStudio saves the team time when they choose to convert applications to other formats, like MSI. The library is now automating about 25 percent of the applications it manages with the Package Feed Module, and many others are  handled manually in AdminStudio, with room to continue expanding. 

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