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Danfoss was experiencing an increase in the use of third-party applications and worried they would lead to more security threats. The manufacturer chose Flexera to provide a proven software vulnerability management solution that easily integrates with their existing Microsoft security suite. Flexera gave them the ability to map software end-of-life and manage vulnerabilities rapidly across the entire company.

The challenge

Improve IT security by managing software vulnerabilities

Danfoss, a global leader in manufacturing products for climate and energy sectors, needed a better software security solution beyond their Microsoft suite already in place. Employees across the organization were starting to use more third-party applications, where more than 65 percent of vulnerabilities are found. IT security required a method to assess and monitor software vulnerabilities effectively. Security experts in the company wanted baseline data, follow-up techniques and tool support for third-party program life cycles. They sought ways to prioritize patch management processes and map application landscapes to threat scenarios. The security upgrade also needed another source of patch status apart from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

More than 65 percent of vulnerabilities are found in third-party apps

The solution

Proven vulnerability protection easily integrates with Microsoft security suite

Danfoss chose Flexera to provide their vulnerability management solution. The simple installation and ease of use demonstrated during the free trial showed that Flexera could deliver. Danfoss also recognized the added value Flexera brought to their patch-management processes by supplying life cycle continuity and quicker time to patching.

Flexera is the only vendor of its size in the market providing the very important integration to SCCM.

Karol Czuba Lead system engineer, Danfoss

Flexera also helped Danfoss focus on processes and replaced other tools and sources for patching many applications—allowing smoother, more efficient operations while controlling costs. For prioritization of patch management processes, Flexera provided a clear overview and a common language of terms, as well as predefined tools to build patches for customized applications. Solid out-of-the-box functionality and supported SCCM integration allowed the manufacturer to meet their security challenges head-on. Smooth integration with their Microsoft security suite was important for resource management and deployment.

“Flexera is the only vendor of its size in the market providing the very important integration to SCCM; hence the existing patch processes can be merged and do not have to run separately,” said Karol Czuba, lead system engineer at Danfoss. “The integration ensures simplicity regarding preparation, publishing and deployment of patches and installations.” For adherence to complex industry regulations, IT experts utilized Flexera’s real-time snapshots of vulnerabilities. The snapshots feature provided objective data useful for analysis and fact-based dialogue.

The results

Vulnerabilities are rapidly prioritized and fixed

Danfoss also benefited from increased efficiency and cost effectiveness across the company. Flexera delivered overview and patch functionality that put focus on closing high-priority vulnerabilities. And customized reporting capabilities made the setup of real-time security snapshots easy. The manufacturer now is equipped with valuable data necessary for insightful business dialogue about end-of-life products and threats in existing application landscapes. Flexera also provided something they never had before—the possibility to map vulnerabilities in most of their non-Microsoft applications and monitor insecure or end-of-life products with one integrated solution.

Danfoss can now map vulnerabilities and monitor insecure software with one solution

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