Case Study

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A food manufacturing conglomerate with more than 30,000 employees worldwide needed control over their expanding cloud use, having lacked centralized delivery and optimization of cloud services for their employees. By choosing Flexera, the company achieved 12 percent annualized cloud cost savings overall in just five months.

The Challenge

Growing cloud needs required better controls

One of the world’s leading food manufacturers, with $13 billion in annual sales, was seeking a solution to provide guard rails for their fast-growing multi-cloud environment. The company had lacked a centralized way to deliver and optimize cloud services and had been using a combination of manual scripting and cloud-native tooling from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

12.22% cloud spend saved in the
first 5 months with Optima

The Solution

After a nod from Gartner, the company chose cloud cost optimization from Flexera

The food manufacturer is a long-standing customer of Gartner, a global research firm. About eight weeks before Gartner named Flexera a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Cloud Management Platforms, the company was shown Flexera led in the CMP MQ.

Initially, the focus of the company was on establishing governed, self-service provisioning, while also preparing to be multi-cloud ready. They were given a two-week proof-of-concept period, led on the technical side by one of Flexera’s solutions architects.

Gartner named Flexera a Leader in the
Magic Quadrant
for Cloud Management Platforms

Soon after, the company signed a one-year contract with several professional services to help with onboarding and implementation.

Not long after the food manufacturer signed the contract, it shifted to a single-cloud focus on AWS, because more workloads were being migrated to that service than any other cloud provider. Cost management and optimization quickly became a priority as their cloud bill began to grow.

The company loaded their cloud bill information into Flexera's Optima solution to examine their cloud spend. This enabled Optima to provide a roadmap for how they could more effectively manage and optimize their spend. Partnering with Flexera’s cost optimization service (COS) team, they were quickly able to cut down their spend and establish railings to make sure the waste wouldn’t return.

The Result

Leveraged automated policies to help manage cloud cost, which reduced waste and saved 12 percent overall

Cost optimization experts analyzed recommendations for optimization and determined how best to save money. Flexera provided a contextual roadmap of savings that spanned the full cloud bill, including instances, storage, PaaS workloads and more. They also helped prioritize the order of operations that made sense for the company’s business. The initial focus was on properly utilizing discounts and eliminating storage waste for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Reserved Instances.

The team provided a customized reserved instance plan that took into account the company’s business context, cash flow and technology use cases to ensure effectiveness. Following multiple different purchases that resulted in significant savings, the food manufacturer enabled Optima’s automated reporting to check that the discounts were being used correctly. The COS team acts as an extension of the company's cloud group to tune these discounts and fully optimize the estate.

In the first five months, the company’s spend annualized to 12.22% savings overall and 15.21% savings for the Amazon EC2 service.

on Amazon EC2 with
Flexera's Optima

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