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Image: Flexera Cloud Migration and Modernization year in review

As 2023 has continually demonstrated, cloud optimization is a high priority for most organizations, starting with a mindful approach to cloud migration planning. Many organizations are going into 2024 understanding the necessity of having an extensive cloud migration planning process and preparing for successful Day-2 activities. Understanding app dependencies and assessing technical feasibility remain top challenges for organizations, according to the Flexera 2023 State of the Cloud Report.

As a critical portion of Flexera One FinOps, we work to constantly evolve Cloud Migration and Modernization in order to set you up for the best possible migration plan while preparing to address Day-2 operations and implement FinOps best practices through measured cost allocation and visibility.

In 2023, Flexera One Cloud Migration and Modernization has introduced:

Migration tag reporting

Cloud Migration and Modernization now supports the crucial capability of adding tags during the migration planning process, ensuring Day-2 FinOps efforts are as successful as possible with the ability to allocate costs and associated usage.

Oracle Cloud pricing

In addition to supporting AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Flexera One Cloud Migration and Modernization now supports Oracle Cloud pricing to expand recommendations and forecasting for cloud migration workloads and costs. You can now understand the cost implications of a wider range of top cloud provider choices and options that best fit your organization’s unique needs.

Recalculating cost views

Users of Cloud Migration and Modernization can now recalculate cost views using updated costs or collected metrics by simply using the product’s UI, allowing for a quicker and more calculated view of migration options that are more relevant to ensure successful future FinOps efforts.


Coming soon, Flexera Cloud Migration and Modernization will have:

Storage recommendations

Expanding on the wider option of cost-related migration planning inputs, Cloud Migration and Modernization will be able to bring in storage sizes related to cloud instances for Azure, AWS, GCP and Oracle. This includes comparing these provider options to the on-premises usage of storage along with CPU and memory as part of the recommendation across these providers.

Updated API with economic reporting

Flexera Cloud Migration and Modernization has updated API to allow users to easily retrieve all data related to:

  • Economics report
  • Server Inventory report
  • Logical Disk report
  • App Stack Process report

Customized option selection of Cloud Families

The customized option selection of Cloud Families now allows users and partners to specify or exclude certain family sizes when it comes to price comparison, increasing the ease of use and reducing manual selection time.



Day-2 and FinOps operations

Migration doesn’t mark the end, but rather the start of your cloud journey and FinOps optimization efforts. The cloud cost component of Flexera One FinOps, Cloud Cost Optimization (CCO), was similarly updated throughout 2023 with many high-value features. Click here to see CCO’s updates in 2023.


Hit your cloud migration goals in 2024

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