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Image: Flexera adds storage recommendations to Cloud Migration and Modernization

As cloud spend continues to grow alongside the push to move to the cloud, ensuring you have a complete and fully thought-out cloud migration plan has never been more essential. To help continually provide the most accurate cloud migration planning, Flexera has added storage sizes to Cloud Migration and Modernization, part of Flexera’s Hybrid ITAM and FinOps solution, Flexera One FinOps.

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This most recent enhancement allows users to bring in storage sizes related to cloud instances for Azure, AWS, Google and Oracle to help provide the most comprehensive cloud migration planning and improve the efficiency of cloud spend post migration.

Users are now able to compare on-premises usage of storage to cloud instances, allowing for storage to now be included along with CPU and memory as part of migration planning recommendations included in Flexera Cloud Migration and Modernization. With this, organizations can ensure confidence in enacting a complete, fully thought-out migration plan as they move to cloud resources.

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