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2020 Planning: The Practical SaaS Management Handbook

This SaaS handbook provides an overview of the new SaaS environment. Learn to overcome common SaaS challenges and implement a comprehensive strategy, addressing unique issues regarding managing costs, shadow IT, licenses, contract negotiation and more. Read all 3 chapters of this eBook today.

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Maintaining Application Readiness Beyond Windows 10 Migration

Learn the six key steps of an Application Readiness process and how AdminStudio and App Portal can reduce the risk and cost by providing a consistent approach.

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The Practical Approach for End-to-End SaaS Management

Jul 24 - Jul 25 (Multiple dates and times)

Watch this webinar and get the answers to help you learn to effectively manage software-as-a-service. Learn to optimize SaaS spend, manage multiple vendors and their pricing models, and right-size contracts with detailed usage and cost data.

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7 Things You Need to Know for Your Cloud-First Strategy

Jul 30 - Jul 31 (Multiple dates and times)

One of your top priorities is implementing a cloud-first strategy. Learn to make the shift as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Watch this webinar and learn the best practices for cloud migration, optimization, governance and automation.

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Industry Report

IDC Research - Flexera Acquires RISC Networks; Extends Multicloud Management Portfolio

Read this IDC Report to learn how the RISC Networks acquisition complements existing Flexera multicloud cost management, self-service provisioning, and SaaS optimization offerings.

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Future of Software Packaging: Expert Answers to MSIX Questions

Flexera recently brought together three industry experts — Bob Kelly, Tim Mangan, and Rod Trent — to discuss everything MSIX, including how it fits into the current tech environment as well as how to ease the transition to modern application...

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Focus On The Right Updates: Are Critical Vulnerabilities Really The Most Critical?

Introducing our new Threat Intelligence Module, which helps you understand which of the vulnerabilities affecting your environment are actually being exploited in the wild.

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Six Steps to Continuous Application Readiness

Join our webinar to learn about the six-step process for continuous Application Readiness and how to shift from reactive to proactive application management.

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How to Be a Hero When Good Data Breaks Bad

Here are some sobering statistics: 95% of the IT asset data typically captured by medium to large organizations is irrelevant. Fifty to 75% is inaccurate. That’s bad. Flexera has more than a decade of experience helping customers gain insights into...

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