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Image: Keep your finger on the pulse of the most critical software vulnerabilities in the market

Hackers can deploy exploits in a week or less. That reality keeps many up at night—and given it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all updates for all software on your own, it’s critical to prioritize which applications need attention first.

Understanding vulnerabilities

A vulnerability is an error in software that can be exploited with a security impact and gain. Secunia Research validates, verifies and tests vulnerability information to author security advisories. These advisories provide valuable details by following consistent and standard processes that have been refined over the years.

Whenever a new vulnerability is reported and verified a Secunia Advisory is published. This advisory alerts you to the description of the vulnerability, risk rating, impact, attack vector, recommended mitigation, credits, references and more, including additional details discovered during verification and testing. This arms you with the information required to make appropriate decisions about how to protect systems. Since its inception in 2002, the Secunia Research team’s goal is to provide the most accurate and reliable source of vulnerability intelligence.

Simplified protection

Advisories group any and all vulnerabilities present in a version of the software in question. This means one advisory may roll up as many as a dozen different common vulnerabilities or exposures (CVEs). Being able to prioritize patching efforts by version is a huge benefit. Alternatively, you’d have to deal with a much larger number of vulnerabilities and figure out which update addresses each. Often one patch can eliminate several vulnerabilities of varying criticality, making prioritization more challenging. The Secunia security advisories eliminate this challenge, simplifying patch prioritization efforts.

To stay on top of all the current software vulnerabilities that are happening every month, Flexera has curated a helpful monthly vulnerability report in addition to an annual report. These comprehensive reviews are based upon data from the Secunia Research team at Flexera. The team produces valuable advisories leveraged by users of Flexera products, including Software Vulnerability Research and Software Vulnerability Manager.

Stay on top of the latest software vulnerabilities by checking out our latest Software Vulnerability Report today or request a free assessment.

Learn more about Secunia advisories
Learn more about Secunia advisories