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Image: Application specialist and vulnerability management leaders forge partnership for secure patching process

There’s no getting around it: Today’s digital world requires businesses to rely heavily on software to run their operations, manage data and communicate with customers. But this widespread use of software also presents a significant risk to cybersecurity.

Hackers and cybercriminals hunt for vulnerabilities they can exploit in order to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data and disrupt operations. With the third highest vulnerabilities recently being reported since the Secunia Research Team started in 2002, managing software vulnerabilities is even more critical to protect your organization against attacks.

A secure patch management process is required to ensure your software systems are up to date and functioning correctly. This can be achieved through various custom software solutions, which is why we’re excited to announce our partnership with the leading application specialist in this field: Camwood. This partnership gives you an additional option to proactively secure, protect and manage vulnerabilities in customers’ application estates.

Gain control over the entire software vulnerability management lifecycle

Camwood is a UK-based application lifecycle management and managed service provider (MSP) with more than two decades of experience delivering exceptional application portfolio management solutions. As a longstanding Microsoft and Citrix partner, Camwood has an unmatched reputation with its customers.

“Even as economic uncertainty remains rampant, companies are looking for ways to improve security,” said Andrew Carr, Managing Director at Camwood. “Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM) is innovative in that it combines vulnerability and patch management into a single, powerful solution that identifies, prioritizes and publishes patches to address more third-party security updates than any solution on the market. With Flexera and Camwood, our clients won’t just react to an attack. They will gain control over the entire software vulnerability management lifecycle.”

Efficiently prioritize vulnerability patching

Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager combines vulnerability and patch management in one powerful solution. This includes:

  • A way to prioritize patches: Gain a centralized, automated awareness of software vulnerabilities with the power of Secunia Research. This allows you to efficiently manage security risks through tickets, alerts and threat intelligence to reduce the risk and time spent mitigating costly breaches
  • The most third-party patches on the market: With thousands of patches available, the value of assessment and prioritization becomes clear. Keep deployment activities at a manageable level with insights that help you focus on what matters—automating some patches, while not deploying others
  • Patch automation: Automate deployment of patches that meet established criteria
  • Threat intelligence: Prioritize vulnerability remediation activities—with a focus on those most likely to be exploited—with easy-to-use scoring built on machine learning, artificial intelligence and human curation from thousands of sources on the open, deep and dark web
  • Rich reports and dashboards to detail your current risk: Software Vulnerability Manager gives a clear understanding of the vulnerability status of your environment. Follow remediation progress, identify trends and drill into the details with customized reports on the status of compliance with policies and regulations

“This is a truly unique and exciting partnership,” Carr said. “With our rich heritage and 24 years experience in application rationalization, packaging, modernization and management, this new partnership will help protect our customers’ application estate and regain control of their environment securely. Our mantra, “digital acceleration through the lens of applications,” coupled with Flexera’s technical innovation and enterprise roadmap means customers and partners can significantly enhance the user experience in a modern environment.”

To learn more about Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager and this exciting new partnership with Camwood, click here.

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