Exposed: IT Visibility and Vulnerability

Stop taking chances with your IT assets

Visibility into your IT data—especially toward adaptability to changing technology—is foundational to your success. IT lifecycle and risk management in a sprawling tech landscape is both complex and dynamic, with thousands of applications and services scattered across hundreds of providers. Even prior to the pandemic, organizations have had to react quickly and rethink the way they conduct business to keep up.

Whether you’re a veteran of IT asset and cloud management or not, chances are the current view of your IT asset inventory isn’t as clear as it could—and should—be in order to effectively manage it all.

This infographic highlights key takeaways from Flexera’s inaugural 2021 State of IT Visibility Report, which sheds light on what’s happening with information technology and the data that supports the vast array of business initiatives around the world.

The report explores the thinking of more than 300 global technology decision makers and users about IT infrastructure, asset management, vulnerability posture and industry trends. It shares their current and future IT management strategies alongside tactical data regarding software obsolescence and vulnerability mitigation for strategic planning.


With all the challenges that come with managing your IT asset inventory, you can’t afford to lose track of what you own. The clearer your visibility into your technology landscape, the greater the impact you can have on fueling the success of your business.

Are you seeing your IT estate clearly? Download the infographic to see if your organization has room for improvement.



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