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Image: Prioritize vulnerability assessment more easily with these simple steps— and intelligence—from Secunia Research

The cost of an exploited vulnerability due to a cyber-attack can be devastating to your business. Your confidential information, intellectual property, and employees are the valuable data points that make up your brand and must be protected.

According to Forbes, cybercrimes are at an all-time high with external hackers being linked to 93 percent of reported cases. Simply focusing on patching the most common vulnerabilities is not enough and can leave you exposed to potential attacks. While running a successful business, it can feel overwhelming and impossible to know everything. However, with Flexera’s software vulnerability management solutions, you don’t have to.

A partner you can trust

Flexera’s software vulnerability management is powered by Secunia Research. Since 2002, Secunia’s team of researchers have been dedicated to building databases of the most accurate and reliable sources of vulnerability intelligence. Secunia Research has identified and documented vulnerabilities on more than 65,000 applications and allows users to suggest software that can be added to the database. With 95 percent of valid vulnerabilities being published on the same day they are disclosed, users can expect Flexera’s vulnerability intelligence to be fast and reliable.

Meet security compliance standards to maintain business continuity

Prioritizing the needs of your company is vital, but many overlook the importance of effective prioritization in vulnerability assessment and instead focus on newsworthy breaches at the expense of criticalities that have broader impact.

As you likely already know, you can’t remediate all the vulnerabilities at once in your organization. Time and resources are finite, and vulnerabilities are ever-expanding. But Secunia Research makes this task easier with intelligence to identify, prioritize, and remediate the most critical threats first while keeping product security best practices in mind.

Take prioritizing your vulnerabilities further by exploring the various avenues provided by Secunia advisories.

How do Secunia advisories work for my organization?

Need to know how relevant a vulnerability is to your version of an application and how bad a breach would likely affect your business?

Flexera’s Secunia Research delivers reliable security advisories for your organization. A criticality rating and metrics using the common vulnerability scoring system (CVSS) helps prioritize threats and offer best practices for your products. Our scoring system is always up to date, so you can patch vulnerabilities with confidence and keep your organization protected. Even prioritize vulnerabilities by focusing on potential impact on systems, applications or sites, with explanations of possible consequences. Various solutions and workarounds are offered to keep your business running smoothly at all times.

Cyber criminals are on the attack. In fact, hacking has arguably become its own industry now, with large campuses of hackers dedicated to targeting large enterprises with the deepest pockets. You can stay one step ahead of these threats and maintain your peace of mind by partnering with Flexera. Increase your business productivity by decreasing security risks.


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