FlexNet Manager for Datacenters

It can be difficult to know what’s happening across your datacenters. But no matter what your challenges, FlexNet Manager for Datacenters can help you get control. Plus, you can gain visibility and insight for all your assets with our easy to use, role based, powerful Data Analytics Dashboards.

With FlexNet Manager for Datacenters, you can:

  • Gain visibility and insight for all assets with easy to use, role based Data Analytics
  • Reduce spending on software licensing and maintenance – up to 30%
  • Manage and reduce spend on datacenter applications from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, VMware and others
  • Reduce financial risk and cost from software audits
  • Control costs for SaaS applications
  • Manage your® subscriptions
  • Collect an accurate and comprehensive inventory of complex and business-critical datacenter applications
  • Reduce or eliminate unbudgeted audit true-up expenses
  • Negotiate more effective software license agreements to better meet enterprise needs
  • Manage complex software license entitlements to reduce license consumption and spending
  • Automate complex SAM processes to reduce manual effort and save time
  • Manage vendor contracts and license terms
  • Create more accurate IT budgeting and forecasting
  • Automate the license reclamation process to maximize utilization of existing assets
  • Rationalize and consolidate the datacenter software portfolio to reduce management costs and security risk
  • Understand current license position and software usage trends
  • Reduce maintenance costs for unused software
  • Accelerate datacenter modernization and reduce costs

Get a deeper look into your data, while upping your software asset management game.


Learn how you can manage datacenter license complexity with Flexera

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Key Features

  • Leverages Technopedia®, the World’s Largest Repository of Technology Asset Data
  • Ability to Manage and Optimize Complex Multi-Vendor Software Licensing Challenges
  • Integrations with Leading ITSM vendors
  • Ecosystem of Strategic and Technology Partners
  • Scalable Software Asset Management Across More than 17,382 Publishers and 252,755 Applications
  • Purchased Versus Installed License Reconciliation
  • Comprehensive Reporting on License Compliance
  • Out-of- the-Box Connectivity to Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager and Other Third-party Inventory and Tools
  • Connectivity to HR, Active Directory, Procurement, ERP and Other Systems
  • Management Using ‘What If’ Analysis
  • Support of IBM License Models (Processor Value Unit (PVU), User Value Unit (UVU), Resource Value Unit (RVU), Authorized User, Concurrent User and Floating User)
  • Support of IBM® License Models (Processor Value Unit (PVU), User Value Unit (UVU), Resource Value Unit (RVU), Authorized User, Concurrent User and Floating User)
  • Authorized replacement for IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)
  • Enterprise-wide License Optimization for Microsoft® Products
  • Management of Microsoft Office 365® Subscriptions
  • Simulation Capability for Microsoft and Symantec™
  • Support for a wide range of Microsoft License Models including server + CAL, processor, and core based licenses
  • Optimization of Microsoft Client Access Licenses (CALs)
  • Microsoft License Statements (MLS) Import
  • Automated License reconciliation for Oracle® Database, E-Business Suite, WebLogic and Other Products
  • Application of Oracle’s Virtual Environment Licensing
  • Enhanced Discovery and Inventory for the VMware® vSphere® and VMware vCenter® Datacenter Server Products
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