FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure

If you have a business, you’re probably on the cloud. In fact, spending on cloud management is growing at a rate of up to five times more than any other IT spending. But systems can be patchworked, leading to shadow IT and wasted resources. Flexera is the only company that can manage all your software, from desktop to the datacenter to the cloud plus high value concurrently licensed engineering applications – and we can show you how.

With FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure, you can:

  • Get comprehensive, accurate and actionable insight into cloud infrastructure usage so you can optimize spend
  • Align your cloud usage to business needs
  • Reduce waste due to low utilization
  • Budget better
  • Maximize utilization of cloud instances
  • Eliminate idle cloud instances to reduce waste
  • Enable faster time to value
  • Tailor reports to meet the requirements of key stakeholders
  • Reduce time consuming manual effort
  • Align cloud service billing to organization hierarchy
  • Get up-to-date visibility into usage and spending data
  • Get visibility into Amazon Web Services usage and consumption
  • See detailed cost analysis of all cloud infrastructure spending

Cloud infrastructure management is here. Now learn how you can stay on top of it.

Key Features

  • Role Based Dashboards Provide a 360 Degree View of Cloud Usage and Spend
  • Unprecedented Visibility into Cloud Infrastructure Usage and Spend
  • Helps Determine the Most Cost-Effective Amazon EC2 Instance Type
  • Ecosystem of Strategic and Technology Partners
  • Role-Based Cloud Dashboards
  • Cloud Cost Analysis
  • Configurable Reporting
  • In-depth analysis of Cloud services cost and usage
  • At-a-Glance Visibility and Control of Cloud Spending
  • Automatic Data Collection
  • Datasheet

    FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure

    Comprehensive, accurate, and actionable insight into cloud infrastructure usage.

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    Beware of the Dark Cloud of Shadow IT

    See how shadow ITs can cast a dark cloud on your systems.

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    From Cloudy to Transparent, Managing Assets in the Sky

    Improve your cloud visibility to manage assets and reduce costs.

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