FlexNet Manager for Clients

It’s hard to get your whole software asset management picture across a large enterprise. But we can help you get visibility and control of your entire IT estate. We’ll help you amp up your software asset management and get a comprehensive inventory of deployed desktop and laptop hardware.

With FlexNet Manager for Clients, you can:

  • Reduce license compliance risks and associated adverse budget impacts
  • Optimize spending on software (use what you have, only buy what you need)
  • Chargeback and allocate costs back to the lines of the business
  • Get improved IT operational efficiency
  • Get report usage data for better forecasting and improved vendor negotiation
  • Reduce spending on software licensing and maintenance – up to 30%
  • Reduce financial risk and cost from software audits
  • Gain visibility and insight for all assets with Data Analytics
  • Collect accurate and comprehensive inventory of desktop and notebook applications
  • Eliminate unbudgeted audit true-up expenses
  • Negotiate more effective software license agreements to better meet enterprise needs
  • Leverage complex software license entitlements to reduce license consumption and spending
  • Automate complex SAM processes to reduce manual effort and save time
  • Manage vendor contracts and license terms
  • Create more accurate IT budgeting and forecasting
  • Leverage a comprehensive normalized inventory that drives accuracy, standardization, productivity, and cost efficiency across SAM, Security and IT Ops
  • Automate the license reclamation process to maximize utilization of existing assets
  • Rationalize and consolidate the desktop software portfolio to reduce management costs and security risk
  • Understand current license position and software usage trends
  • Reduce maintenance costs for unused software

Get enterprise-wide software license optimization across desktops, laptops and other client devices.

Key Features

  • Management and Optimization of Perpetual, Subscription and Concurrent Licenses Across the Desktop, Datacenter and Cloud
  • Leverages Technopedia®, the World’s Largest Repository of Technology Asset Data
  • Manage and Optimize the Most Complex Multi-Vendor Software Licensing Challenges
  • Integrations with Leading ITSM Vendors
  • Ecosystem of Strategic and Technology Partners
  • Scalable Hardware & Software Asset Management Across More than 17,423 Publishers and 267,984 Applications
  • Purchased Versus Installed License Reconciliation
  • Comprehensive Reporting on License Compliance
  • Out-of- the-Box Connectivity to Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager and Other Third-party Inventory and Tools
  • Connectivity to HR, Active Directory, Procurement, ERP and Other Systems
  • Management Using ‘What If’ Analysis
  • Product Use Rights Library with Over 2,602 Templates
  • Automation of the License Reconciliation Process
  • Massive Application Recognition Library with over 267,984 Applications from more than 17,423 Vendors to Produce a Normalized Software Inventory
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