Good Luck and Godspeed

Fifteen years ago, or 60 quarters in sales parlance, I joined this fantastic company as EMEA General Manager for InstallShield. There are so many of the team—including the fellow who hired me, our current CEO Jim Ryan—who are still with the company today. In the fast-changing world of software, that is truly special and rare.

Over those fifteen years, we have been acquired, divested, merged and expanded through M&A and phenomenal organic growth. Along the way we have hired hundreds of the smartest people in the industry and expanded our business with and for our partners.

I am very gratified to be associated with what we can proudly call a tech unicorn—one that actually makes money and illuminates the spend and risk of many of the world’s top companies.

But at Flexera, we’re doing much more than shining a light on technology assets. We have found a way to be relevant for our customers and partners as the technology industry races to the cloud.

As someone who has worked in the tech space for almost 35 years, I see today what I have seen several times in the past. The big paradigm shifts make things better, but they don’t always make things easier to manage. What is so exciting about the Flexera of 2019 is that we’re committed to lead and not follow. That will continue to be the case. Our best days are still ahead of us.

In my career at Flexera I’ve been privileged to be associated with all parts of our product and solution portfolio. We don’t play to be second best and we are not complacent about how difficult software is to do well, or how much work it takes to make partners and customers successful. As I look back over recent times, I see that our investments in customer and partner success are likely to be among the smartest decisions we have made. We know this is the new norm. Don’t ever take customer loyalty for granted.

And now, after 35 years of hard charging, the time is right for me to run a little slower. I have had a great career in the software industry as a sales professional and sales leader. Along the way I have always tried to work hard, do my best and take every piece of the “luck of the Irish” I was born with!

This move of mine comes as no surprise: Flexera leadership has long been aware of my plan. And many of you know the travel schedule I committed to for the last two and a half years in particular. But there comes a time when the body and the brain say, “enough…don’t push it.” My health is good and the best time to make a move is when things are going well. But I’m going to finish strong, and will be making all the same calls until June 30th!

As Carolynne and I head off on our next adventures, I know our company, our partners and our customers are in a great place. I thank you all for helping me in every way you have. In the meantime, business as usual!