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Image: Simplify your ServiceNow license management

In 2023, our customers voiced a common challenge—obtaining an accurate license position for ServiceNow. The licensing model for ServiceNow can be exceptionally complex, and this complexity often leads to confusion—or worse, exorbitant unnecessary spend. But fret not, because we’ve been hard at work finding a solution that brings clarity and transparency to your ServiceNow licensing.

What’s new?

With this game-changing release, we’re introducing a powerful combination of user interface and Power BI reporting to empower our customers. You can expect:

  1. Reproducing the ServiceNow audit report: Now you can access a trusted third-party view of your license consumption right within Flexera One SaaS Management. No more waiting for ServiceNow’s account team to produce a report for you.
  2. Visibility into custom roles: In addition to out-of-the-box roles, you can easily see the custom roles that are consuming licenses.
  3. Understanding ServiceNow groups: Gain insights into ServiceNow groups, their assigned managers and user activity within those groups, making housekeeping a breeze.
  4. ServiceNow subscription management: Check if ServiceNow subscription management is configured and if it requires maintenance for a more accurate representation of license consumption.
  5. Microsoft Power BI integration: Our use of Microsoft Power BI allows any department or stakeholder to access the reports, making your data more actionable.

ServiceNow’s native services fall short

Before this release, customers faced several challenges. ServiceNow Subscription Management often did not match their license consumption for some user-based licenses. As a result, they had to rely on ServiceNow’s manual audit report, which was time consuming and lacked validation. The introduction of the ServiceNow Subscription Management module only added to the confusion, leaving customers vulnerable to unnecessary spend and compliance risks.

The consequences are significant:

  • Heavily manual effort to get an accurate effective license position (ELP).
  • Dependence on the vendor’s audit report data with no way to validate license consumption.
  • Risk of unanticipated additional license costs.
  • Compliance risks due to inaccurate information in ServiceNow Subscription Management.
  • Lack of visibility into custom and out-of-the-box roles consuming licenses.
  • Difficulty in managing group licenses and group managers’ responsibilities.

Transform your ServiceNow management

With this release, you can now easily achieve an accurate ServiceNow license position. You’ll have the data needed to optimize user licenses and enter your renewal cycle with confidence. No more guesswork or manual effort; you’ll purchase what you need based on actual usage.

You can look forward to:

  • No more manual effort in obtaining an accurate license position.
  • A trusted, third-party equivalent of the ‘ServiceNow Audit Report.’
  • An automated, daily view of license consumption, ensuring compliance.
  • Visibility and management of custom and out-of-the-box roles.
  • Insights into ServiceNow groups and user activities.

Flexera One SaaS Management now provides you with the details you need to have confidence in your ServiceNow license consumption and usage. Say goodbye to manual efforts and compliance worries, and say hello to streamlined license management. We’re excited to help you make informed decisions and ensure you purchase only what you need.

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