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The shift from on-premises software to more flexible and scalable hybrid, cloud, SaaS and container environments has been happening in the technology sector since the early 2010s, but it has rapidly accelerated the past few years. Organizations have realized accessing software over the internet is far more beneficial to productivity and profits than hosting several servers and desktops on-premises.

In response, software vendors are changing the way software is bought and paid for. Many are transitioning from perpetual licensing to accounting for more complex factors such as usage or consumption. But because calculating what is owed to your vendors becomes increasingly opaque, this can open you up to significant risk.

Insights are more important than ever

To complicate things further, you may have recently seen news about vendors changing their licensing methods or compliance rules—a common occurrence in this industry. Oracle, for example, updated its Java licensing model in early 2023 to a model based on employee headcount. IBM recently announced changes to its Passport Advantage program, requiring organizations to measure their consumption of IBM licenses directly and provide an annual report to IBM within 30 days of request. Changes like these require organizations to have even more detailed views of their software estate to ultimately avoid a costly audit.

For many enterprises, IBM represents one of the top vendors when it comes to software spend. To get the most value, most customers opt to deploy IBM’s sub-capacity licensing models, which typically requires proving IBM compliance on a periodic basis. With 40 percent of organizations having spent more than $1 million as a result of audits by vendors in the past three years (2022 Flexera State of ITAM Report), getting true insight into vendor entitlements and consumption is more important than ever.

Flexera has you covered

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Flexera One Select for IBM, your one-stop shop for everything to do with IBM license management. Flexera is uniquely partnered with IBM to enhance the customer experience for license consumption reporting with technology intelligence that drives action. With Flexera One Select for IBM, you can confidently address licensing challenges—both for today, and for tomorrow.

With Flexera One Select for IBM, you can rest assured that your IBM inventory is accurate with the ability to measure both full capacity and sub-capacity IBM software. So the next time IBM comes knocking, you’ll have the compliance reports you need, including peak and current consumption reports. Flexera One is also the industry’s only IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) certified alternative. This completely removes the necessity for IBM’s on-premises solution and replaces it with an agile SaaS-based alternative.

Unlock your IBM licensing potential today. Click below to learn more about Flexera One Select for IBM.

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