5 Myths about Data as a Service

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MythBuster Data as a Service

Like any exploding trend, Data as a Service has its fair share of promised capability, confusion and outright myths.  Like the other “as-a-Service” offerings, it is often defined by vendors and pundits to position themselves and support talking points.  Through all this noise, BDNA has heard many – if not all – of these declarations, and we’d like to set the record straight:

1. DaaS is only available as a cloud offering

False.  The benefits of DaaS  – agility, cost effectiveness and data quality – are reaped from the data, not the architecture for the solution.  Many DaaS implementations BDNA has done are on-premise solutions, which are well suited to large customers with strict operational, security or regulartory constraints.

2. DaaS just aggregates data; it’s basically a big ETL process

False.  A true DaaS solution adds value to the data being processed.  In addition to aggregation, it should also be filtering data (removing irrelevant information), de-duplicating data (remove multiple representations of the same thing), normalization (alignment to a reference “language”), as well as enriching the data (associating relevant market context).

3. DaaS just creates a “golden record”

False.  Some vendors just aggregate data, picking certain attributes from certain sources, then creating a golden record.  However, those other key requirements of filtering, de-duplicating, normalizing and enriching are not addressed, leaving a single record of data, but one that is not necessarily making the organization more agile or operating at a lower cost.

4. DaaS is just another Enterprise Application Integration solution

False.  EAI moves data between applications in an enterprise, but DaaS operates below EAI solutions.  DaaS solutions work with the data level, addressing the quality of information BEFORE it flows into other applications.  DaaS simplifies EAI by ensuring that data passing between applications is consistent

5. DaaS is a fad

False.  Our customers are not only adopting DaaS to address specific issues in process and projects, but fundementally changing all their IT processes to adopt a common language for IT.   If BDNA’s experience is a fad, we hope to have many more fads like this.

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