VMops Rebrands to Cloud.com and Opens Source

Pretty bold move by VMops! It bought the cloud.com domain and is rebranding to Cloud.com on the occasion of its new release, now called CloudStack 2.0, which it is also open-sourcing at open.cloud.com. It thus joins the open source private cloud landscape that Eucalyptus pioneered. We’ve been seeing a lot of interest in the private cloud space and have been working with Eucalyptus for a long time and with VMops/Cloud.com more recently. Eucalyptus support has been available in the RightScale dashboard for more than a year.

It’s interesting to see that Cloud.com is planning to support the EC2 API as well as the vCloud API, plus their current (native?) API. Eucalyptus is similarly able to support the vCloud API in addition to the EC2 API. This brings home the point that the API itself is more a programming exercise than a fundamental issue. It’s the semantics of the resources behind the API that really matter. Seemingly obscure stuff like: can you reattach a disk volume across datacenters, or can you move an IP address across datacenters, things that deeply affect how one builds redundant services in a particular cloud.

The move to support the EC2 API as well as the vCloud API is a clear indication of the market direction, which is what we call hybrid cloud use cases, where organizations use private/internal clouds for some use cases and external/public clouds for others. Many of the larger organizations we talk to want to enable these hybrid clouds, and to manage them from a unified platform such as RightScale.