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Image: Navigating the future of FinOps: Alternatives to VMware CloudHealth

Broadcom acquires VMware

In May 2022, Broadcom’s announcement of its intent to acquire VMware raised numerous questions about the future of VMware and its products, particularly CloudHealth, which has undergone various name changes, from VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth in Q3 2022 to VMware Tanzu CloudHealth in Q4 2023. With the deal set to close in Q4 2023, existing users may be exploring alternative solutions in the cloud cost management and FinOps space that offer more clarity regarding pricing, roadmaps and support structures.

As we stand on the cusp of this significant acquisition, it’s crucial to examine the potential impact on CloudHealth and consider future-focused alternatives. While the exact direction Broadcom will take with CloudHealth remains uncertain, Flexera has been diligently aligning itself with the evolving market trends in the convergence of ITAM and FinOps.

The Flexera FinOps difference

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 50 percent of organizations will integrate software asset management (SAM) and FinOps into a unified discipline. This convergence reflects the maturation of FinOps practices, extending beyond resource utilization to encompass commercial software, licensing  and cost considerations. Collaboration between ITAM and FinOps teams is becoming indispensable for obtaining a comprehensive and accurate view of cost optimization.

So what sets Flexera apart in the world of Hybrid ITAM and FinOps?

  • Flexera supports and normalizes cost data from any cloud provider, any cost associated with cloud, in any required currency
  • Flexera One is the only platform built around the future of Hybrid ITAM and FinOps
  • Flexera One incorporates licensing cost and compliance implications in recommendations
  • Hundreds of out-of-the-box policies to extend to any use case, supporting complex hybrid cloud environments

Flexera’s powerful data foundation

At the heart of Flexera’s offerings lies the Enterprise Technology Blueprint™ (ETB), a robust data foundation that provides an intricate and dynamic overview of an enterprise’s technology inventory. This blueprint extends to encompass cloud costs, consumption patterns, entitlements, risk profiles and environmental characteristics. Through meticulous data collection, normalization, enrichment, curation, correlation and contextualization, Flexera equips organizations with the insights they need to make informed decisions.

Flexera’s dedication to improving visibility and allocation of hybrid spending, enhancing the efficiency of cloud and software expenses, and scaling Hybrid ITAM and FinOps operations underscores their commitment to facilitating organizations in the shifting landscape of cloud cost management.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of cloud cost management, Flexera stands as a viable alternative driven by the imperative of aligning ITAM and FinOps to foster a holistic approach to cost optimization. While the future of VMware and CloudHealth remains uncertain, Flexera’s forward-looking approach offers organizations a pathway to navigate the evolving terrain of cloud cost management with confidence.

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