How to Replace the Cloud: No Fooling

It’s April Fools’ Day, and alas, we don’t have a plausible tale about how we’ve managed to harness neutrinos to create warp-speed inter-cloud communications, or a clever new technique that uses recursive virtualization to run an entire cloud on a single server. No, we don’t have a fake product or news release to spring upon the gullible among you — but we do have a real story about how to replace the cloud.

When you work for a cloud management provider, you see the word cloud a lot. And you know how, when you see a word over and over again, it kind of loses its meaning? Yeah, that happens for us, too, and sadly there are no good synonyms that we can use to vary things a little. Store your data in the smog? Set up a public nebula? Launch a new haze? No, no, and no.

To offer an antidote to the all-cloud-all-the-time fatigue, a developer whose GitHub handle is panicsteve wrote cloud-to-butt, a Chrome extension that replaces every instance of “the cloud” in a browser window with “my butt.” Building on that fundamental base, developer DaveRandom created similar extensions for Firefox and Opera.

If humor that would amuse a second-grader is not your taste, you can opt to recode the JavaScript open source extensions so that instead of “my butt,” your browser will replace “the cloud” with anything from “a Tardis” to “bacon” to “Sesame Street.” We tried replacing “cloud” with “bacon” on an article from InfoWorld, with amusing results.

Try it yourself. Better yet, surprise your boss by installing the extension in his or her browser, replacing “cloud” with “client/server.” And then let us know how that goes.

When it comes to cloud management, RightScale takes a rear seat to no one, but its obvious that Steve and Dave worked their tails off on these extensions. We just hope their well of creativity hasn’t bottomed out yet, and their best coding isn’t behind them.