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A Powerful Solution for Application Readiness

Updates. New releases. New apps. Windows 10 migrations. Virtualization. Flexera AdminStudio makes short work of these and other application deployment chores. Much more than a packaging tool, AdminStudio arms your IT team with a complete application readiness solution. Now you can identify and mitigate issues before pulling the deploy trigger–with no more surprises.

What's more, AdminStudio allows you to reliably prepare and deploy modern application formats such as App-V and MSIX. Best of all, AdminStudio eliminates Windows and mobile application security and compatibility concerns.

3 AdminStudio Editions

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For IT organizations seeking an advanced application readiness solution available to centrally manage and prepare applications for reliable, conflict-free software deployment.

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Filled with automated tools that simplify virtual application compatibility testing for Windows, MAC, Android, and MSIC, App-V, MSI packaging, allowing administrators to prepare reliable, tested application packages for conflict-free deployment to any Windows OS.

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Provides a cost-effective way for virtual application and MSI, MSIX, App-V software package creators to migrate applications to Windows Installer and gives control over MSI packaging, customization and distribution activities.

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Success Stories

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Progressive Insurance team saved 30% of their time by automating previously disjointed and manual processes, and package applications to the business 40% faster than before.

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Case Study

How Team Fishel Saved $140,000 in Annual IT Costs & 300 Packaging Hours in 6 Months

Using proven toolsets to greatly speed the application readiness process, saving over $140,000 a year: an AdminStudio success story.

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Case Study

AdminStudio Powers Yanfeng’s Application Readiness Process

The global leader in automotive interiors, Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI) is redefining how people relax, work and play inside their cars.

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MSIX: Getting to Know Microsoft's New Packaging and Deployment Technology

Industry experts Bob Kelly and Rod Trent guide you through a first look at MSIX, how it fits within the current technology environment, and how it enables companies to push operations forward.

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MSIX: What is it and what is Flexera doing with it?

Bob Kelley discusses Microsoft's latest packaging format, MSIX, and Flexera's plans for support.

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Flexera AdminStudio Eases the transition to Windows 10, for fewer headaches and compatibility issues.

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Adding Automation to the App Readiness Process

Understand the advantages of adding automation into the Application Readiness process.

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