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Image: Flexera wins ComponentSource awards

We’re pleased to announce Flexera’s AdminStudio has been recognized by ComponentSource for being a Top 100 Bestselling Product and Top 25 Bestselling Publisher for 2023.

ComponentSource is the world’s largest marketplace and community for reusable software components and development tools. The company has sold over 1,300,000 licenses to more than 150,000 organizations in more than 180 countries.

“This continued growth shows how the ComponentSource Website is the world’s best source for commercial quality software components and development tools,” Sam Patterson, CEO, said.

With numerous products vying for real estate on this list, the competition can be incredibly tough.

“As in previous years, these awards are based on orders we received from our global customers,” Patterson said. “They represent a true global market snapshot for commercial software components and development tools in 2022. We believe our awards represent accurate real-world data on how our customers are using these components and development tools in their latest projects.”

AdminStudio’s ability to automatically download, test, wrap/repackage and publish thousands of third-party installers with no manual interaction is one of many features that helped the application management solution stand out from the crowd. An experienced team behind the product and keeping up with customer feedback are both essential components in maintaining a top position in the market.

Bridging this gap from experts to consumers is a top priority. We host a series of Roundtable discussions where experienced professionals can have informal engagements with users. We then incorporate feedback and suggestions in future updates and releases.

AdminStudio is more than just a packaging tool. Its ease of use, automation capabilities, virtualization features and reporting capabilities make it a must-have for any IT team looking to improve their application management strategy—and receiving a ComponentSource award shows that the users would agree.

Reach out today to see how AdminStudio can help you take on your toughest applications challenges.

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