App Risk Module for AdminStudio

Applications are under attack. Ninety percent of cyberattacks target their vulnerabilities. You can fend off most app attacks with preemptive actions. App Risk Module for AdminStudio keeps you aware of application vulnerabilities from packaging to deployment. So you can harden them to keep the bad guys out. Stay safe.

Don’t let application vulnerabilities open the door to business risk. Add App Risk Module to your AdminStudio implementation to:

  • Take a proactive approach to your cybersecurity defenses so your business doesn’t fall victim to the next big cybersecurity threat
  • Make early vulnerability assessment and remediation integral to your Application Readiness process
  • Stay on top of vulnerabilities with regularly scheduled, automatic scans against Flexera’s list of more than 20,000 application titles
  • Keep up on the fixes and patches available for known vulnerabilities so you can implement them early to minimize risk
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