Winworkers: WInworkers Sees 35% Improvement in Packaging Speed

Making enterprise-wide application distribution simple and straightforward: an AdminStudio case study

“AdminStudio helps us reduce labor costs and deliver faster deployments for our customers. This goes right to the core of our business and boosts our profitability.”

Roland Huebinger, CEO, Winworkers

Business Challenge

Based in Augsberg, Germany, Winworkers is an IT services and consulting company that specializes in packaging and repackaging software for enterprise-wide deployment. With offices in Switzerland, the U.S. and Germany, Winworkers serves customers in a wide variety of industries, from automotive to banking to pharmaceutical and industrial.

Winworkers’ customers need to deploy enterprise software to their users efficiently and reliably while ensuring that all users have access to the same features and functionality. “Most MSI packages are buggy and have varied implementation processes,” said Roland Huebinger, CEO at Winworkers. “We repackage the setup process and create an active directory entry to ensure group policy compliance. That means IT can install software on all the machines from a central location, without requiring any user application.”

After repackaging, companies can automatically deploy software upon request from the user. The software comes with a clear list of features, and all receive identical copies. “By deploying the same software packages across all users, we can help companies reduce costs associated with help desk support and software maintenance,” said Huebinger.

Additionally, with just 60 employees, Winworkers has to work efficiently to overcome repackaging challenges and deliver the service and results its large corporate customers expect. The company was looking for a solution that enabled the quality control required to deliver high-quality products consistently and rapidly.

“We manage our clients’ migration to new systems, like Windows 2003, which is a complicated process,” said Huebinger. “Our customers have a minimum of 500 users, so the way we package the software for deployment is critical. Moreover, we need tools that help us reduce the time it takes to deliver a workable solution to our customers.”

Winworkers needed a sophisticated repackaging solution that provided broad functionality and a high degree of automation. “Software distribution is a key part of our offering,” said Huebinger. “The right solution would allow us to easily and rapidly package the software with features that makes the enterprise-wide distribution simple and straightforward.” Huebinger was looking for a vendor-independent solution with platform cross-compatability and support for legacy applications. “We wanted the flexibility to use the best tools available, regardless of the vendor,” he said

The Flexera Software™ Solution

Winworkers chose AdminStudio® from Flexera Software, a solution that allows Winworkers to efficiently prepare reliable, tested software packages and patches for problem-free distribution.

AdminStudio provides Winworkers intelligent, automated packaging, editing and testing tools that make it easier to reliably package or repackage any application, even InstallScript™ MSI setups. It improves the reliability of software package deployments and ensures end users faster access to the software they need. With AdminStudio, Winworkers can convert any setup to the Windows Installer format quickly and accurately, and customize software to specific customer requirements. Automated testing capabilities ensure software conflicts and other problems are eliminated prior to deployment, improving customer satisfaction. Furthermore, AdminStudio makes distribution easier by preparing software packages for deployment over any distribution system automatically, saving Winworkers considerable time and resources.

Before choosing AdminStudio, Winworkers evaluated other solutions, but found AdminStudio superior in a number of areas. “AdminStudio offers the vendor independence we need, and is much more stable and easier to work with than the other solutions we evaluated,” said Huebinger. “It’s just a higher-quality product all around.”

Winworkers also benefited from Flexera Software’s training services. Flexera Software consultants provided comprehensive training to ensure Winworkers maximized the tools and techniques available when implementing AdminStudio.

Business Benefits

Using AdminStudio to package and repackage software for clients saves Winworkers significant resources and time. According to Huebinger, the solution is about 35 percent faster than competing solutions.

“AdminStudio helps us reduce labor costs and deliver faster deployments for our customers,” said Huebinger. “This goes right to the core of our business and boosts our profitability.”

More importantly, AdminStudio enables Winworkers to deliver better services and products to its customers. “We can ensure better quality, so the customer recognizes a direct improvement in the way it distributes software across the enterprise,” said Huebinger.

Next Steps

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